Saturday, May 27, 2017

To My Son, The High School Graduate

Dear Krystopher,


It is with great joy that I type this letter to you and get to share it with all of my followers who have share in our journey here on the blog. At 21 years of age I found myself preparing to complete my last semester of college and excited to make the next move.  I was young, a tiny bit wild and free. Just a lil bit!! Your father had caught my eye and we were on a Love Jones type of experience.  It resulted in me finding out I was expecting you. I was scared and nervous and afraid and giddy and sad that I hadn't done the right thing concerning sex and my relationship with Christ. What made a huge difference is when your Great-Grandmother Katherine, who transitioned this life in 2012 told me I wasn't the first person to come up pregnant and wouldn't be the last.  It was what I decided to do moving forward that would shape the life we lived. She set my soul on fire to be the best mom I could. That's was 1998 at a family cookout. You know how much we like to gather and eat and hang. It's what we do in our country ways to maintain strong family ties. And so it began...

I can recall every detail about the day you were born June 1st, 1999. Everything. But you already know this because I like to pull out your baby box from time to time and share stories with you. My favorite part of this journey is to share is finding out you were exactly what I wanted a boy. I was young and many were surprised I didn't want to know the gender until the day you were born. I guess I can be disciplined when I choose to be, lol! God gave me what I desired and needed. He's worked that way since I came home with you. Giving birth was amazing and painful. Not as painful as raising you alone. This is not to take away from the village but single parenting is intense. The most intense job I will ever have.

As I sit and reflect on all you've accomplished despite me navigating child rearing on my own miles away from immediate family, I can not help but think you were built super strong. So often the narrative focuses on black males who lose their direction and go down the wrong path. Bravo to avenues that celebrate you and the many young men like you who aren't broken being raised in a single parent home. I know that you were given a gentle spirit. Ya momma high strung and you can be so calm when I'm ready to transform into Taraji P. Henson. I go hard for mine 😡. Even lately I've learned to pray about it and not fight so much those who fail to recognize the greatness you are to the world. We've shared so much. Some say too much. I say every day was a part of the chapter that I hope someday inspires another Mom who may feel like she can't raise a young man alone. One that you can look back on when you choose a mate and mother for your own children.

HS grad day😍

I want you to know I'm a better me because of the lessons I learned parenting you. I've never sugarcoated life. You know Satan hates you. You know there are some who undervalue you because of the plan God has for you, your skin color, strength and intelligence. You saw this your final two weeks of class. I'm glad you didn't give up on any of the goals you had set for yourself. You are headed to college to pursue music performance. You did graduate in the 20% of the class. You were decorated aka ropes. #insider LOLOL!! My heart is overflowing with the joy you have given me these past 13 years. We have conquered public school. Next we begin a new adventure. I'm prayerful and ready. I encourage you to be as well. Love you more than you'll ever know on this side of earth.

HS grad day😍

Son, go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 
~Henry David Thoreau~

HS grad day😍


Unknown said...

Simply beautiful Lady Blue. A job well done. #URockDivaMom

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Thank you!

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Well done beautiful lady. spaze apparel

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