Sunday, March 12, 2017

Are you a Hidden Figure?

Hidden Figure

Hey y’all hey!

I finally had the opportunity to see Hidden Figures. It truly was an amazing story. It was a wonderful moment with my son to celebrate Black History Month as well as our last Valentine’s Day together. I know that he was empowered. I pray the nuggets shared are as encouraging to you as they are to me. SPOILER ALERT - By now, everyone should have seen Hidden Figures but if you haven’t STOP reading.

The true story focuses on the life of Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughn. These ladies greatly impacted the work within the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) now NASA with their math skills. Both Jackson and Vaughn passed away before the nonfiction work about their lives was published and the movie released last month. We could see this as unfortunate or we can take away the first nugget: Be prepared to have your work overlooked and downplayed. Some folks will never acknowledge how important your role is or has been. Remember you are doing the work because you are committed to living on purpose or you’ve done the work to fulfill a purpose at a specific time in life.  If you worked as unto the Lord, He will reward you.

Nugget #2 Be prepared to wait. The waiting room is a difficult place to be. I am there now. It often feels like my time and new window of opportunity will never arrive but it will. These ladies were retried and into their 80s when their story was told to the world. The season for you to shine and be influential may take years to be arrive but once it does shine bright.
Nugget #3 is so very very valuable. PLEASE don’t lose hope or faith.  Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Vaughn and Mrs. Johnson had doors closed in their face, were told no when they were clearly qualified for opportunities and sent packing after their gifts were no longer needed. Did they flip over a desk and quit? No! They realized the magnitude of their roles and work far exceeded sitting at a NASA desk.

And our final nugget #4 is Be prepared. Dorothy Vaughn not only prepared for the IBM computer to come online but she prepared to be a part of the change that would occur within her department. Not only was Mrs. Vaughn able to take her entire team with her when she was reassigned but eventually she was training her white counter parts.

 I don’t necessarily mean that you must have another college degree but be prepared for the open door. I’m reading Dr. Tony Evans new Detours. The message jumping from the pages of his book is preparation and timing. We’ve seen so many people arrive in places their character can’t keep them. Places they don’t have the depth of knowledge required to sustain them. I’m not talking about man made moves but those places where God has ordained. He wants to ensure that we are prepared for the blessings that are greater than we ever dreamed. Those ladies did the work they loved despite never knowing their story would win multiple awards. As a matter of fact, I’m sure that wasn’t their goal.

As I sat next to my kid, I could feel my eyes watering up. I leaned over and whispered to him that each of those women were born for the moments that we were viewing on the movie screen. It didn’t matter who attempted to stand in the way of their move to the forefront of history, they were destined to do so. Each woman was born with a gift that would propel her into a divine moment. Just like he has inside of him and on his side the same favor of God. Just like you and I have inside of us. If only we would start chasing God’s plan for our life. When our Creator orchestrates a moment in time for His will and purpose to go forth all of heaven will get in alignment.

If like me, you currently feel that you are in the background and not living up to your greatest potential be settle. Often times those who are hidden are being prepared for the moment that will activate their season. You nor I have been forgotten by the Creator. He is faithful to ensure every aspect of His plan is carried out. Stay hidden until the appointed time.

Hidden Figure

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