Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Spot On!

When I picked up this sweater during a winter break Starbucks coffee date with @moriahily, I was excited about the price but didn't really think I'd have an opportunity to wear it since the weather has been perfect here in West Palm Beach. I mean I was just on the beach a few days before we decided to meet up.  I considered taking it back and getting my $10 but my love for anything animal print kept me from following through. Plus the additional 20% made it a necessary purchase. #nojudgementzone

Spot On!

Well as you can see from this pic I posted Sunday on Instagram and the ones below, the weather cooperated and the sweater was worn twice. Now that's how you make the most of a purchase!

Spot On!

I kinda felt as thought I pushed the envelope with this look at work but I totally was feeling myself so I embraced it with my head high and hoped I wasn't called out by admin. I'm mean where else am I going to rock such a creative look besides church? 
Spot On!
Jacket// H&M
Sweater// Target
Photographer// A student during lunch. #FTW

Too much or nah?

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