Thursday, January 21, 2016

Birthday Letter

What I love about a new year is my birthday is 21 days into it. I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days. I couldn’t decide between writing out xx things I wanted to share for the number of birthdays I’ve celebrated or a letter to my younger self. As I sat on my bedroom floor in my robe, listening to a worship song by Shana Wilson that is so on point for #twentysixteen came to mind and I started to write. You can listen here while you read the letter below. A letter that speaks to my younger and current self. It is a reminder to always evolve.

Dear Self,
You are an amazing gift to the world. I know, I know. You’ve taken xx years to truly recognize the beauty of your story. The little girl from the small town of Monticello who experinced so much hurt and pain growing up. The kind that should have been generational but instead was broken through prayer and faith. 

Not only are you an amazing gift with an inspiring story but you are stronger than so many expected you to be. Much stronger than you expected you to be. You no longer look to superficial things to validate that you’ve made some sound decisions that has produced a hefty harvest. You didn’t give up when you made decisions that were down right terrible. That list is long but the growth, improvements and lessons learned are greater. Stop today and count your blessings. 

Besides being the amazing Wonder Woman in your own right, you have a heart for young people that should be applauded. You’ve been battered, bruised, stomped upon, made to feel that the work you’ve done and the investments didn’t matter but today reflect on the 16 years you’ve dedicated to children/students who sometimes needed and desired what you had to offer; as well as those who didn’t. Know that the good you see in the life of your son is the reward for the faithfulness and every seed sown that you often cried over and wondered if it success would be a result.

I hope today is all about you. About the love you have for your family and friends. The adoration you have for your son and what his birth has meant to 16 of you xx years. I hope you consider the faithful, God fearing, caring, handsome lover who will find you at the right time. Oh the sparks!!  I hope today you see not just the best in the clothes you wear but in the future, your BEST  days ahead. Days in which Christ will continue His work in you to bring you to a wealthy place. The place you’ve prayed and longed for.

Let this birthday be intentional. Purposed filled. Reflect but don’t stay there. Declare that you will never be the same as you were this time last year. Your circumstances won’t be the same. Continue to learn about managing your finances and save, save, save those $$$. Get your proposal and plan reviewed. Take a grant writing class. Book the two trips you’ve desired for the past 2 years. Remain comfortable saying no. Be ok with folks walking away. Embrace new relationships. STOP OVERANALYZING everything and everyone. Be gentler. Don’t stop being kind because it’s not reciprocated. If you change who you are let it be the will of God because that area of your life was displeasing to Him. Surrender and know that it will work out for your good according to Romans 8:28. You were purposed xx years ago. You matter. The world needs what you have.

Be brave,

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vwcrew6 said...

Awesome!!!.. Full of joyful tears... What a powerful message.... I often write letters to my younger self.. It inspires me to keep striving and allowing God to truly be my strength For I know without him I am nothing.. Happy Birthday. Thanks for sharing in your words what so many of us have felt or are feeling. Your gift is teaching... God knows that as well as me.. Women can empower other women.. We just have to get out of our own way.... To see the greatness in ourselves because the truth is other see us way greater then we see ourselves.. Much blessing..

Carissa G said...

I love this letter!!! One thing that I have admired about you since we met is your name of course, but also your gift of empowering take today amd make it all about you!!! You deserve it!! Happy Birthday and I hope that it is the best birthday EVER!!

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