Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It Arrived

A chilly day came through yesterday and I was on cloud nine. I love living here in South Florida for so many reasons. The weather is definitely one of them but occasionally I want to dress like it’s Fall. Monday I got the opportunity. It was 65◦ when I left for work. I had already planned my two outfits for the short work week but when my son told me it was “cold” outside I jumped at the change to wear this skirt I thrifted about a month ago. I took Krys to Goodwill to find pieces he could wear during Homecoming week. There were some neat themes and I was glad he participated. I wasn’t planning to buy anything but some black pants to wear on Friday nights while volunteering as a band parent but this skirt was in my way. See how I did that?! Checked out and it was discounted so I paid maybe $3 or less for it. #everydaylowprice

Winter Wear

Another fine example of someone else junk being someone else’s treasure. In this case, mine. I felt like I had been to the mall and hit up Bloomingdale’s. I’m thankful for this find. See what I did there?!

Winter Wear

Have a beautiful day just because, Xo!

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