Monday, October 5, 2015

I Remember When Black Folks Had It Together!

If only black folks would get themselves together. I never thought I’d write a post and sling mud but honey little Troykavious and Jackquensia are no angels. They are making my life extremely difficult and have doused a bucket full of ice water on my love for young people. The same ones I’ve prayed for and stood up for in the community when folks would say negative things. No longer. I quit. The chirren have fired me from my caring, I believe in you position. I can no longer support ignorance, disrespect and the foolery.

I remember a long long long time ago that if you threated to call someone’s parents they would sit the heck down and stop whatever misbehaving they were doing so the learning could continue. Now they ask if you want them to call so it can be done and over with. Often times when you call parents they are trying to tell a story about what the kid told them. Mind you TK and Que have a 3% average like they were being given out that day as a reward
I remember a long long long time ago when you couldn’t pay a kid to walk around with underwear showing and butt cracks out. Now everyone is beating everyone doing it. Males and females alike. Then have the audacity to look at you sideways when you get them confused. Belts aren’t for spankings nor holding your pants up. And if you remind them where their natural waist line is, they hold the pants up with their hands until they are out of your view. OR…they use the belt to strap the pants mid-waist. They even show up like this to church or formal events.

I remember a long long long time ago when respect in the black community was expected because of the reverence we held for our seniors and the love we had for our parents or guardians, each other and the neighborhood. Now we demand it like thugs do on the streets. Children will say the most disgusting things with the expectation that you yield your position and respond to their demands. BUT only because this is the way they are being reared at home. The Bible speaks candidly of spoiling your children. They will and I type this with certainly someday turn around and display the same disrespectful behavior towards the hand that feeds them if not worse. I’m just gonna sit back and wait for that day to arrive.

I have no empathy for the mom who says she can’t do anything with the child(ren) she bore in anguish and pain. Good for you. I just pray both of you wake up before you meet a horrendous fate. Attempting to correct a child who has the mindset of an adult because they have been allowed to be an adult has never and I could be wrong gone well. Read the newspaper. There are too many kids being tried in the justice system as adults. Not because they are. Bot because thy did adult things just because. They were acting like one and lucked on adult consequences. Too late! Note: I’m not referring to children who have to step up and advocate for themselves and help care for younger siblings. 

Look children don’t ask to be born but they don’t come here programmed to become wonderful adults and citizens. That’s why they have you to guide them and help them figure out this thing called life. Black folks always sent their kids at their best out of the home to represent the family. Now that the family structure is destroyed and homes are so dysfunctional, most of the adults are just glad the child isn’t at home. 

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We can give all the excuses we want but my recent experiences have nothing to do with being poor, uneducated or the police. It is simply that black folks need to do better. Other folks do too but I’m not representing for them. I can’t explain to you what it feels like to think that the young people I’m surrounded by will be ok in some shape, form or fashion if I’m not around. I want to be as far far away from the negative as possible for my own peace of mind.  I can’t even answer the question who is going to stay in the fight if not me because I’m to injured to stay in this fight. So the answer is definitely not me. At some point I must separate myself from what I know I am doing, can do, what I desire to do and what I’m up against. How long can I hold onto the good old days when parenting mattered in the black community? This wasn’t just a mom or dad but the village. Now the village will celebrate the tragic, nonsensical and embarrassing trifling behavior a kid is doing and dare you to correct it. Well until black folks get it together I’m checking out on my people.  


Levone said...

Wow, I have read your blog for over a year now but had to step out of the shadows to comment after reading this post. I just wanted to say AMEN and I agree with everything you said. I have a 10 year old daughter whom teachers I always thank and commend them for the job they are I could not. I am just appalled at how disrespectful our kids have gotten and the parents seem to back this mess up. They always praise my daughters behavior and say what a good job her dad and I are doing....I appreciate it but think to myself we do nothing special. Apparently 'good' behavior from students can be few and far between,

Anyhow, good luck on your journey!

SD Cunni Designs said...

I feel for you. I want to encourage you to do that which has been placed in your hands by our heavenly father. I know it is difficult but I know He has placed you where you are for a reason. You seem to be at a low point but just ask the Father for strength and wisdom to navigate the territory. I can guarantee you that someone in your classroom needs and wants what you are teaching. Please don't stay discourage because of two but ask our Lord for the solution to dealing with them. Be Blessed my dear sister, God has it all in control.

Kerissa said...

Please continue to parent the way you do! No parent is perfect. I realize these kids are different and the old school method might not work but respect is the same today, tomorrow and down the road. This job is difficult and I tryou not to take it personally but I care so much about my people and this generation. Pray for our educational system and all involved. Thanks for reading.

Kerissa said...

Yes and no. There's no reason anyone should be subjected to such blatant disrespect and foolery. A classroom to me is sacred. I don't take what I do lightly. It is time to use wisdom. If ONLY it were just two...that's why I'm seeking the Lord diligently for a new door. He knows when the season will end. Thanks for the encouragement!

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