Monday, October 12, 2015

EVENT RECAP: Pink Strydes Fashion Show

August 18 was one of the worst days I had to endure this year. My vibrant, funny, fashionable, kept it real and 100 with everyone and everybody, sweet dear Aunt Mary passed away after a 2 year battle with cancer. It was two years ago that she and my mom received not so good news. My mom was re-diagnosed and my Aunt received her first that she was dealing with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Two years later, she was taken from us! God knew that I'd suffer too many loses in the last 3 years so He provided me with a way to channel the pain. 
On October 3, I was able to honor her memory, my dad’s two sisters, my two linesisters who are survivors, my mom and so many countless others have battled, are battling and earned pink wings due to this disease. These are my warrior women. Their lives and those connected to them were forever changed when the word cancer was uttered. So when I came into contact with Pink Strydes Incorporated, I knew without hesitation that I wanted to be a part of the fashion show. It was an opportunity to combine the two things I loved for a great cause and help raise funds to assist a breast cancer patient and celebrate the survivors they honor.
I came on board as a volunteer to do social media. I knew it was something I could contribute and it wouldn’t be a burden to my already full plate. This role allowed me to give back doing something I spend hours doing daily. Can I tell you the COO was pleased and so was I. I had a helper, Natalie, a high school student who handled Instagram all night. She was phenomenal!
The highlight of the event for me personally was being able to be on the runway and lead all the women in the Pinky Swear pledge for the Pinky Swear Ceremony. This is when the audience takes an oath to have breast exams every year. I had my first mammogram on my mom’s birthday. Weeks after we buried my Aunt, her sister. The results were normal but it was painful. Yes the exam hurt but it felt like I was reliving my Aunt taking that walk and getting the news that would ultimately claim her life. When I came off stage. I cried. I miss her and them so much. #Ihatecancer
I challenge each of you to take control of your health. Know your history. Give self-breast exams to your tatas. Ask your doctor for a referral. It’s scary but early detection is key. So many more women are winning the battle. There’s hope. Get pinked.

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