Monday, September 7, 2015

You Give Me Butterflies

Greetings all! How did you spend Labor Day? I had lunch with some friend girlfriends to celebrate a birthday and rested. We are heading into the 4th week of school and I’m already looking forward to a holiday to sleep in. This year I was tapped to teach the 12th grade AVID Elective course and I’m loving it! Yes, more than teaching reading. I’ve been teaching reading for 8 years. Time for a change. I’m currently researching teaching abroad. Traveling and teaching. Excellent combo.

This dress. It’s called a WIGGLE dress. Google defines this style of dress as one in which the hem is narrower than the hips, forcing the legs together to add a suggestive sashay of the hips to the wearer's walk.Jan 26, 2013

Sexy sashay? Yassss please. Give me some. LOL. What I love most about it is the colors, the butterflies, it’s a midi dress and the back screams sexy without screaming SEXY VIXEN. Does that make sense? Pretend it does.

I ordered 3 of these. This one isn’t the best fit. I’ll visit my tailor to see if she can bring in the top. I have a small upper body and no boobs as well as bringing in the dress where the front pleats are. I feel like it bulks there when I’m seated. I was sharing with Shea of Curves and Confidence that I can tell exercising is paying off. My waist is slimming down but I do have hips and thighs and they gotta go someplace in my clothes. Which in turns means the top is usually too loose. But a good seamstress can get me all the way fitted.

Another plus is the V-cut back of the dress but because I had trouble hiding my bar strap and the loose fit of the top, I didn’t feel extremely comfortable in the dress so I’ll be restyling this one soon. I’d love to read your suggestions on how else I can rock this dress. I did not like the shoes and clutch at all after I arrived at church and even more so after these photos were taken. They didn’t do anything to enhance the look. I initially was going to go with my Jessica Simpson bow cobalt ankle strap heels.

Drop your suggestions below and have a great week filled with blessings, joy and peace!

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