Thursday, September 3, 2015

Teacher Fashion Week {3}: A Lesson in Queendom

A lot going on here but I was going for African Queen and truly believe I captured it with so much print. My momma approved so no negative comments. All of these pieces are things I've had in my closet so I did make my 180 day no school shopping rule.

I decide to use my classroom as a backdrop since the whole idea of this week's posts are centered around looks for teachers.

I count it a privilege to serve as a role model on my campus daily. I hope the young ladies see that you can be fierce and fabulous and covered. I hope the young men see classy and ladylike. At the end of the day,  I'm a professional and I dress as such.

Tomorrow we will be reppin' our respective colleges. I'll try to do a final post but Fridays are mad crazy. From working all day to becoming a band parent an hour after dismissal. No promises.

I've also recently created a page in Facebook for my blog. It'll be up and running tomorrow. Please take the time to like it and share with your friends.

You all are amazing!

Earrings & bracelet: gifted 

Tee: Target 

Skirt: ASOS

Heels: Aldo

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PhotoStory Collections said...

LOVE that green!! It takes that t-shirt up several notches. Thank You for being the standard that those young people can look to, I pray my little finds more of you!

Kerissa said...

Candace, thank you for the encouraging words. Not about the outfit. I appreciate that but for the prayers that I'll influence positively. Our young people are very very important to me and the work that I do.

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