Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Teacher Fashion Week {1}: A Hint of Blue

Button up\\Old Navy
Skirt\\Forever 21
Sandals\\Michael Kors

This week in going to share a few looks that work well for educators. I teach in a high school. Yes, I wear heels most of the time. Yes, I teach in them. Yes my feet sometimes hurt. I'm ok with that.

One of my favorite colors is blue. The color is so serene and comforting plus it's my last name. I wear it often and love to hear my students say, "Ms. Blue wearing blue!" #funners

The look was easily created and well under $50. Remember I'm shopping my closet all school year and can't buy anything but midi skirts. I kid. I'm focused on remixing pieces and colors.

See you tomorrow for another look. Say it with me, teachers have style too.

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