Monday, September 21, 2015

Most Days



Friday night I started writing this really long post when I was all in my feelings about work and feeling like a failure. Similar to ones I've written where I've questioned if I am where God wants me to be. It turned out to be a BIG blog of complaints and probably would have been depressing. So I scrapped it. Most days, I know that I am doing a needed work. Most days I don't get pushed to the point where I want to quit on the kids but these children are so very very different. And that's why I choose to stay. I can't allow them to ruin their lives and not finish high school. If I can influence them in a positive way to stay the course because someone loves them and cares the I'm there, Monday through Friday.

I had to come to terms with my biggest enemy isn't them. Some of the students have the worst home situation, only know how to drive folks away and reject any form of love, care and concern. My job is to know this going in and work around it. My biggest enemy is me fighting with my purpose. I didn't plan to teach more than 6 year when I began in 2004. I've made a lot of plans that haven't been in alignment with God's plans. Most days, I'm prayed up and ready to face another day because the good really does outweigh the moments of frustration. Most days, you run into a former student who is glad to see you especially because they are no longer in your class doing way too much homework.

Please don't forget to send us your best child(ren) daily. We care. Please don't forget to say a prayer for the educators who count it a privilege to stand before students and impart into their hearts and minds. Most days are rewarding and I leave with a clean desk, papers graded and copies ready for the next day. Most days..


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LV said...

Your future is always tied to your purpose, but every stop on the way is relevant and for a divine reason. Being an educator is a tough job because not only are your imparting knowledge and wisdom, you are also standing in the gap where their parents may not be there for them. You are impacting a lot of lives.

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