Friday, August 7, 2015

When Things Go Wrong As They Sometimes Will (Not the Dr. Seuss version)

I mentioned a long long long time ago that I was going to tell you about the first two weeks of my summer. I was fresh out the classroom and free from 5 A.M. alarms. No more band activities and Saturday work days. My bills were paid. Money was saved and I was ready to hit the streets and even do a road trip with my family. Well the devil was so busy. He got all in my truck and broke it all the way down. Yep that’s right. Now if you don’t remember I already knew I needed engine mounts (Google it) and was prepared to have the work down right away so my truck would be safe to drive. I’m going to be honest here and say I needed tires but thought I could hold off at least month since the plan was to take a trip then do a road trip resulting in the truck not going far immediately.

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On the last day of school I was waiting on my coworkers to come downstairs so we could attend the end of year event and a annoying custodian comes over to talk. Blah, blah, blah. Then he says, you know you really need tires right.” Of course I knew and wanted to pretend like they weren’t as bad as they were. Well the following Saturday at Publix a random guy (who I’ll write about later maybe) escorted me to my ride (I was carrying things for KT’s birthday party) and said, “You really need tires on your trunk.” Ok I surrender. He offered to call around and help me get a good deal and wait with me while they were installed. Done. And my bank account was 900+ dollars lower.

The following Monday I contacted my mechanic to get the engine mounts completed. I reminded me of the quote he’d given me earlier. #nopricechangeplease He did stick as close to that price plus a little extra for a headlight issue I had as well. #toldyalltheIncredibleHulkwasnothulkedup Yes, a complete breakdown. So I’m riding smoothly now. Tires on fleek. Engine no longer shaking. For 3 years I’ve been dealing with a slight gas smell. Had the truck checked for a leak and we assumed it was the gas cap. I have a locked cap instead of the original because my door doesn’t latch. Well lo and behold, a week after getting my truck back I go and fill up the tank at Walmart. Run inside the store to grab a few things and return to a large wet spot underneath my vehicle.

It was particularly hot as hades that day so I thought it was the AC. Drove home which is around the corner. Checked underneath the truck again and the liquid is still flowing. I get on my hands and knees to further investigate and confirm I smell gas. What in the world? Gas? My tank isn’t on this side. Call my mechanic who instructs me to get it to him ASAP. Turns switch and the car is dead! Yep the battery died. Ya’ll this story can go on another few paragraphs. Jesus Fixed it! All of it! The fuel system that went bad $900 and only the dealer was able to repair it. A battery $150.

I spent almost $3000. **Faints** ok I’m back. Plus  my vehicle is paid off but I had to make a decision to still have the epic travel summer or recoup some of the money I spent and I did. Told ya’ll Jesus fixed it. He made me work for almost a month. AND I NEVER WORK FOR ANYONE DURING THE SUMMER. I did get to visit my mom for the weekend. The rest of the summer was spent in my city on the beach and at free events. My son is away with his dad and family. Good thing to because I was angry. Angry that I had come so far financially and planned and saved and it was all eaten up by automobile repairs.

And then Jesus reminded me to look on the brighter side. You didn’t think there was one? Well come back tomorrow for Part 2. 

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High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Girl your car issues sound like mine! I'm glad it's still on the road and you were able to take care of everything!

Kerissa said...

God did it! It was horrible let because I couldn't see the bigger picture. Part 2 is going live in about 30 minutes. Maybe less. Finishing up the edit now. Thanks for stopping by.

Rox-ann 'Roxy' Bowden said...

Won't he do It! Had you put the money aside and errythang lol. I guess it's the summer of epic car repairs and tire replacement. We go hit with a 3k plus tab for both vehicles- just weeks apart! On the bright side they are both already paid off.

Kerissa said...

Really?! And this makes me more grateful that it was only what it was. We can celebrate the fact that God's provision rests on us and His favor finds us where we are in both by peaceful and trying times. Yep no car payments Biggie style!

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