Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summa Update

Cause sometimes ya just gotta close your eyes and smile!

Hey y'all hey!  Almost two months away and I've missed y'all. Life happens. I'm not a BIG full time blogger so I hafta go with the flow. I'd rather have no posts than to throw something on here for you that I can't take pride in.

Every posts here I want to come from my little old writer's heart and move you to return again and again. Some say consistency helps with keeping followers but like many other areas of my life I've committed this blog into God's hands. He'll ensure those who need to read what I share will do so.
I've got some drafts I'm working on. A more personal and transparent peek into the life of a single divamom with new goals. My son celebrated a 16th birthday in June, my truck broke down and was repaired, I ran towards summer break, cleaned my closet,  spent time with old and new friends,  upped my exercise game and discovered more about myself. I can't wait to share in hopes that you'll be encouraged,  empowered, uplifted and motivated to go confidently in the direction of your own dreams and resist fear.

Oh and I'm shopping my closet!!

Skirt//Nordstrom Rack 
Shoes//Ralph Lauren via Consignment 
Lipstick//MAC Stone 

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