Tuesday, April 14, 2015



blush: noun rosy or pinkish tinge.

Blouse// Very Old
Skirt// Nordstrom Rack
Shoes// Aldo (old)
Clutch// gifted

I've been wanting to add this color to my closet for a while. I finally found the perfect skirt (pleated & blush colored) last year and I'm not sure why I didn't wear it. Initially, I had planned to wear it for Easter but went with the tulle skirt here. I knew I wanted to wear nude but didn't want to hide my new DIY pedicure shared on Instagram. My pumps are closed toe but fabulous. Lol! 

I was tempted to buy shoes until I recalled that I had these oldie but goodies still in the box. They are actually back in the store in spring colors. I have a weakness for Aldo! #shoeaddict

After seeing these photos, I started to regret that I didn't wear this look on Resurrection Sunday. Guess that's what happens when you have too many options. Although I don't believe my closet is overstocked..com

Can we say denial kinda sorta?  Blushing... 

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Unknown said...

So cute. I have a skirt very similar to this that I've had for 2 years now. I haven't worn it yet because the under slip is just too short and inappropriate for church. I need to fix that quick so I can wear my skirt. You rocked it!

Kerissa said...

Thank you Natalie. I just recently wore it again and realized it was really sheer so I added an extra slip. I hope you fixed your skirt and styled it. I'm not sure elk thought so these sorry slips underneath skirts these days is practical. Ummm no!! Lol.

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