Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First Day

Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday. Today was my first day back after a week off for springbreak. The struggle! C'mon summer break. #letthecountdownbegin I can't wait to become a sun bather beachside. Until then I'll make the most of my wardrobe by dressing like this:

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

I'm Being Watched

Matthew 5:14-16 Amplified Bible (AMP)
14 You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.

This week during the break I received a phone call from a young lady who reached out to me according because my Facebook posts were always encouraging and she knew that I would join her in prayer regarding something God has placed upon her heart. She went on to ask for my advice. One thing I'm careful about doing when I'm asked for advice is advising someone of what they should specifically do. That isn't my role. No one can know the plans God has for them better than He does. So I always encourage people to go before the Lord in prayer and hear His voice. The plans He has shouldn't be revealed though someone else but confirmed. After I gave my 2 cents we shared a bit more with each other and then we prayed. 

Now this is important to me for 2 reasons. 1. I was feeling a tad bit down this particular day. Yes I was spring breaking it but I also had plans to do all these things to further my goals and dreams that I've created a vision board for.Truthfully none of that happened. All I did was rest and accept that it was needed. Amen. 2. It confirmed that even when you think no one is paying attention or watching someone is. The scripture above reminds me to always or at least strive to be my best Christ like self. There are a few things I'm still working on like wearing crop tops #butIlookgoodinthem #alilmidriff. No really! I'm so not modest when it comes to fashion and style but I'm off topic. Giggles...

To hear this young lady say she visits my Facebook page on the regular to be encouraged was uplifting. Saturday was spent with my Dad. We took a few pictures to post in my trip album. He jokingly, asked me to post his dogs (pit bulls) so he could get them sold (sorry Dad, I didn't). During the convo he went on to say the hometown folks keep him updated with my happenings by what I post on my page and that I'm always sharing positive posts. 

This report is 6 hours away from where I live. Over 1000+ miles. I'm humbled that my small reach has found the folks I grew up with and that my writing brings light rather than darkness. I had to snap out of my funk and discard the thoughts of being insignificant and doing anything important. Sharing God's truth is important even if no one stops by the blog and reads it or I receive any likes on social media. Often when I post something it is because God has taught me a valuable life lesson that I believe someone else can benefit from. There are so many dangerous, wicked and hurtful things being spread in the news and on social media, I am blessed to be seen as light in an evil and dark world. 

To the world I may be one person, but to one person I may be a star girl. #shiningbrigther 

Dear Lord, help me to shine your
love and light so bright to drive out darkness, 
hopelessness and insecurity in others. Help them to see
the truth of Your word active in my daily living and be 
inspired to ask you to become their
Lord and leader. Make my life a 
shining example of what it means 
to live fully for you. Amen.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break 2015

It was just last Friday, a week ago I was jumping for joy that I'd have a whole week to accomplish a while lotta things that I've been unable to complete due to my 6 days per week work schedule with 1 planning period per day compared to others with 2. 

I was excited because the kid and I would be visiting my mom and family in MCLo after being away for almost 2 years. I had plans to grade student projects, start my online course for certification and write for the blog.

None of that happened!  #letthstsinkin Well I did complete 2 modules of my online course. Everything else was a no go. Lolol!

I came here initially to apologize. To say how sorry I am that I've started 3 posts and haven't finished one. Truth is I'm ok with that. Some items on the Springbreak To Do List have been marked off.

We did come home. We rode the greyhound bus for the first time. And can I tell you that was an adventure before the adventure. I'm not quite sure I'll do it again EVER!! My legs. Ears. Eyes. Mindset CAN NOT handle it. What I won't do is be ungrateful that we had a safe trip that took forever. #Jesusbeajet

Rest. Have I rested?  Yes indeed. Of  course. Not enough. I'm a country girl. From a town so small there's no Walmart,  Target  or mall. It affords me the chance to plug into nature and chill alllllll the way out.

If you follow my Instagram account you were able to experience the peace for 17 seconds. Mom and I took walks that included looking at homes built in the 1900s that have been restored and passed down to children.  Some are even historic sites. We collected ideas to screen in her porch in the future and finish off some small home improvement projects she's working on. I was finally able to see Selma the Movie. Whew y'all that was intense!!!  We have plans to see Anne and celebrate my cousins 40th birthday. #moregoodeats Yep, the fun hasn't fully come to a halt.

My sister made Sunday dinner and we caught up. I visited other family members. Ate homemade cornbread and cheesecake. I sleep past 9 'o clock and went to bed after 3 am. I did exactly what I came to do. NOTHING and I've loved every minute of it.

So much that it is hard to think about Monday (inserts sad face). Technically,  I still have the weekend but I have a lot of work to catch up on when I return to school AND testing season is upon us. That's approximately  2 months of a modified schedule as well as planning for graduation (I'm on the committee ). If you know anything about how standardized testing affects schools,  you'll reach out and virtual hug me.

But until my final day of springbreak  concludes, I'll be content in the blessing of having had a getaway that including spending time with my mom,  extended family,  good eats,  exercise and the promise that summer break is next.

Hope your springbreak was adventurous or will be, muah! If you bask in the sun beachside and forget to return calls, do know that it is perfectly ok. Be guilt free!! Allow yourself the time to be renewed.  I did but it sure is gonna be hard to say......

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

C'mon Spring

The temperature is climbing here in sunny South Florida. Today it was 86° when the dismissal bell rang. I live in a gorgeous place with palm trees, beaches and cool evenings. Even though there's no snow and consistent cold days, I'm ready for spring. For me it screams pasteld, bold colors and floral print. All the things in this look in wearing. I'm already looking for a red swimsuit. #operationbeachbody

Initially, I didn't like these photos. Certain angles make me look skinny  I am but I'm not bean pole skinny like I was for most of my life. Plus I simply have zero poses left. Maybe I should just go back to facing forward and snapping so you can see the outfit, the end. Back to keeping it simple. 

What say you?  Do you have a hard time posing for pics? What are your spring plans?

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Sunday, March 1, 2015


What do you get when you place a church girl in a gifted Dorothy Perkins lace dress in one of her favorite colors with a lace lap cover?  First Lady of the Church in Zionsville Pentacostal Episcopal Bible Believing Holiness Worship Center House of Truth where the Right Revered Dr. Teddy The Only One who can preach like Paul is the Overseer. Y'all feel me?

Anyway, I was told I did this, LOL! So I'm sharing. I hope this post doesn't come off arrogant but I've been faithfully exercising since last summer and I am starting to see results. Even changed my eating habits. I feel great. Look pretty good. Most importantly,  I'm a daughter of the King of Kings. Amen!

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