Monday, February 2, 2015

My Heart Has Been Restored

Lately there has been a common theme on repeat as I position myself for great things in 2015. Restoration, redemption and renewal. I’ve wasted a lot of years making unwise decisions, masking hurts, blaming others, carrying my past, feelings of inadequacy and failure. I need to throw some unforgiveness in the mix too. You think you’ve forgiven someone and you may have but the release hasn’t taken place. If anything reminds you of them there’s an angry spark that ignites and you aren't sure where it came from.

I’ve written a few posts (here, here and here) about how God is healing me from the inside out and remaking me into a better woman, sister, daughter, mother, teacher, friend and prayer warrior who is honest and bold in my living for Him. The process has been tough at times because I had to admit that I was responsible for most of my setbacks even if others did things to destroy me or uncontrollable life events happened. What I can celebrate today is being able to see the fruit, the abundant harvest this work, this process of pruning is producing. 

I was reminded of the story of Naomi in the book of Ruth yesterday at church. Read it here if you aren't familiar. I was studying this book a few weeks ago but was more focused on Ruth and Boaz. I’ll talk about that more later. Sunday’s message was about Naomi, the main character. Pastor Jay spoke how Naomi’s inability to keep moving forward after a loss. How many times you or I have given up on our dreams because something didn't work out as planned. Here is where I ask myself if it was really God’s plan or just my own to “show people” I was smart and could be successful the world’s way. Naomi allowed her circumstances to define her. How many times have we succumb to the tragic events that have veered us off course and become stagnated? She was a widow, childless and forsaken. All these things made her bitter. These same things were what people knew her to be. It was how she was identified.

Been there done that, lived depressed over it. But no longer. I know have the assurance that no season in life or any circumstance can alter my identify; which is firmly secured in Christ. I am who He says I am. I will become who He predestined me to become. I can do all things in His strength that aligns with His will. So if you are going through a trying time, keep going. Put on your walking shoes and show up at the start of each new day ready to redeem opportunities that you were robbed of. It doesn’t matter who the robber was, what matters most is that you can recover it all. 



LV said...

I love reading your posts. Your blog is one of my favorites because sometimes I need more than just seeing a pretty outfit and I love the way you write from your hear. I went back and read all of your other related posts and thank you for sharing the song by Planetshakers. I had never heard of them, but glad you introduced me to their music.

So often we let the world's perspective color the way we see ourselves, but sometimes God has to shake things up so that he can make you over in the image he wants you to have.

When I was reading your posts, it made me think of Esther. She went through a long season of preparation and then she walked into her purpose. Be encouraged!

Unknown said...

This is such an awesome post. Thank you for sharing this. The story of God's restoration, renewal and redemption is one that people really need to hear.

No matter what we have gone through, whether because of our own doing or not God is ready to restore us and give us new life in Him!! God has such great plans in store for all of His children we just have to move beyond the past, hurt, mistakes, denial or whatever and receive all God has to offer!!

Carsedra McKoy:

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