Tuesday, February 17, 2015



One of my goals has been to style a midi skirt with a peplum top. But everytime I've played dress up, I'd scrap the idea because I looked frumpy. Well today was magical *sprinkles confetti*. I did it.#rouundofapplause My formal evaluation (when an administrator comes in to critique the teacher teaching and rates you based on a state approved system) was today.  I wanted to wear something my Principal would be proud to see me wearing as I stood before the students she's entrusted me to teach. Cause some folks dress like they herd cattle, going to the beach, club or flat out dont care. But I WILL NOT JUDGE. #repents Mom and I prayed last night so I think it went well. I enjoy teaching but even after 11 years, I still get nervous when I'm on display. Weird right?!

Ignore my son's shadow. I didn't notice this before we drove away after my photo session. I was headed to the barbershop so it was a take what he'd snap or not blog moment. I wanted to blog. I took it! This goes to show I'm not perfect but this space is perfect for me to be myself. Thank you for being here with me. 

Do you think this look came together?

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Style & Poise said...

Great look boo! Love the pairing of colors and you know how I feel about midi skirts :-)


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