Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The start of my day has been absolutely amazing.  My heart is so full that all I can do is bask in God’s love for me….I have life!!! And the display of affection and appreciation from family, friends and social networks connections has been so overwhelming I can’t keep up with the liking the post and thanking you all. As I mentioned yesterday, I want to reintroduce myself to you all. I’m not the same divamom, I was a year or two ago, not even yesterday. I awoke this morning, more aware of my purpose after seeing the comments and text messages pop up on my phone. #teamAndroid
Since this is 2015 I’m going to share 15 facts about me that you may or may not have known. Let’s get right to it shall we?

1.       I’m a single mom of a 15 year old named Krystopher Tyler. He’s the reason I want to live for God. Deuteronomy 11: 19-21
2.       I’m now a high school teacher. This year makes 11 that I’ve been in the game.
3.       I love food and fashion. Equally!
4.       I’ve always considered myself a Christian. Now I know that I’ve been converted into the image of Christ. This means I’ve had a heart change and I strive to life a Kingdom life.
5.       I want to complete my PhD in Human Services. Specifically Family Studies and Intervention strategies. I WANNA BE A THERAPIST! #doitGawd
6.       I’m a mommy, daddy, sister, brother and Godmother’s girl. They cater to me and I love it.
7.       I love teaching. The pay sucks.
8.       I do not like numbers so I’ll need a trustworthy accountant someday.
9.       I can read books all day. Now if I could earn a decent living do so. Suggestions?
10.   I love praying for others even when I feel like my own prayers aren’t being answered. I know that’s a trick to discourage me.  As I sow into others good seed is being planted in my life and it does grow and produce. #lessonlearned
11.   I am enjoying my new found love for exercise. This year’s goal is to be able to jog/run a mile.
12.   Football is the game I Iove. Go SEMINOLES!
13.   Short hair is the best look on me. My hair is thick, thick, THICK. Some say a good problem to have.
14.   I like traveling and hope to take a birthday trip soon.
15.   Many have said I’m going to write a book someday. I’m scared. Don’t think I’m a good enough writer but if God speaks through me, I can do it. #staytuned

What else would you like to know about me? 

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Unknown said...

Simply beautiful! I'm praying that writing thing comes through for you. Your joy exudes in/through your writing..

Kerissa said...

Thank you Natisha! I appreciate you visiting my blog and the prayers. God is faithful. That's nothing He will withhold that is due His children. I'm grateful to have my joy back and it is not contigent upon things, Amen.

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