Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Quick Manifestation

This is my final birthday post, maybe...lolol!
On Friday I took the day off to recuperate from the nightly celebrations. I always take a day off for myself each birthday. I need to spend time with my new self. At least thats my justification, LOLOL! I had a great time at work with my students and colleagues. The kids gifted me boxes of granola bars (that they'll probably eat up) and cards. I work with two of my sorority sisters and they treated me to lunch. Wednesday my little sisters visited, made crab cakes and shrimp scampi. We caught up on the happenings in each of our lives and watched Empire. Yes, it's garbage tv but Taraji tho'! #HustleandFlowremix
If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my post of pre-cutting for my FIRST vision board. I finished it a few days ago. #proudfirsttimer i only posted pieces on my account. I didn't want to share all of it since there are some personal things on it. But before I glued one thing onto the poster board, I received an email asking me to speak at a local Christian school to students who were struggling with self esteem. 

Do y'all know I elated I was to receive the request. Speaking engagements are definitely on the vision board. I love teaching but sometimes the students just wanna talk and share. Friday's classroom visit was just that type of moment. 

I wanted to dress casual and student friendly. I treated myself to another pair of Converse so I dressed down an ASOS pencil skirt with a classic white tee, statement necklace (thanks Leslie! ) and one of my many denim jackets. The students loved it especially the girls. 
None of that topped that fact that I didn't speak in one class but two. My nephew requested I share in his class as well. I cried happy tears because I knew it was God who opened the door. This isn't an easy school to get into. I've been mentoring there on and off. But to be invited to share during school time! Let me tell you this small town girl is in awe of the doors I've walked through. I shared with the second class about peer pressure. My final activity was to have them write down 5 things they liked about themselves. Can you believe some kids' were hovering over the paper?! If I can teach one kid to see what God created and self love, I've served well.  

I am pumped to see what else 2015 has in store. I have a testimony that will be a blessing to youth and single moms. Wait! Who am I kidding, whomever God places in the audience to hear I pray will be empowered. I've endured and now the manifestation is here. Quick too. Glory! 

 Afterwards the kid and I went to Five Guys for our mother-son outing. He was a cool date and dressed sharp if I'm allowed to brag.
Again, thanks to each of you for the wishes for a prosperous life journey. God has his hand on me  I plan to be intentional in living for Him that my seeds will produce an abundant harvest. Amen. 

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