Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shine Bright

What's better than a positive tee and sequin skirt to start off the first week back at school? It went perfect with the inspirational message my Principal shared reminding us to be gentle with students as they readjust especially those whose holiday expectations weren't met. 

One thing I've always attempted to do is ensure my classroom is a safe, loving, positive, fun envirinment with students hard at work. This can't be done if the right tone isn't set. Although this outfit was styled weeks ago for me to wear during the holiday season, I felt it would be a "cool" way to communicate to students my dream for them. Not just in my classroom but in the world! 

And ultimately, I want to be a teacher who shines, a mother who makes the light in my child's eye sparkle and a daughter of the King who makes Him smile. 

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Style & Poise said...

Very cute outfit and love the message!


Kerissa said...

Thanks for the lovely comment and stopping by. This space is becoming more me and I'm excited to see what God will do here. Xo!

Jamie said...

LOVE the tee! I have an addiction to tees with a positive message. I buy them for my teen daughter all the time! I need to step up my own wardrobe though. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Kerissa said...

Thanks for stopping by Jamie. I've collected s few. Most of the ones I really like are over $25 and that not really in my budget. Try thrift stores and size up.

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