Thursday, January 8, 2015

Monochrome Black

Like most bloggers I'm addicted to pinning outfits on Pinterest. One of my goals is to maximize my wardrobe and Pinterest feeds my fashion addiction. 

If you haven't noticed, I rarely wear pants/slacks (jeans do NOT count) because 1. they aren't long enough and 2. I just don't buy em. But every time I typed in all black outfits it was ALWAYS slacks, jeans or ankle pants so I went thrifting and as I was going through the racks of $3 slacks I remembered I owned a pair from NY&Co and they were long length. 

So I raced out of the store #savingmycoins went home and laid this look out. Confession: I've worn this tee from Target a few times since I purchased it. Initially I was sideeyeing the  $12 spent but it was worth it. Yes, indeed!

Add my calf hair animal print belt from Gap that I never wear and I had the perfect monochrome all black teacher look. All was right in my world until my son took more pics that turned out like this (pointing below)

This is my 'I believe I can fly' photo look,  LOLOL! I need a tripod seriously cause KT ain't bout this blog life anymore. Heading to my first vision board party with some FAB ambassadors and other women of faith. I just might blog about it. Hope your day was swell dIvAmOms & dIvAs. 

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LV said...

Such a great look! I love the hint of color from the belt.

FabEllis said...

Love this outfit!

Kerissa said...

Hey LV! How are you? Thanks for stopping by. The belt was a nice touch. Maybe next time I'll do a pop of color with my shoes.

Kerissa said...

Thanks Adhley!

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