Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Learning To Love Yourself

Can I just be real with y'all?  When I wrote this post, I didn't know that I would find myself at an even greater place of peace, love, joy and awakened. This morning I was getting dressed for work like I normally do. I looked in the mirror and thought without hesitation that I'm good enough. Today. Tomorrow. In the future. Just the way I am. Big nose. Kinky hair. Curvy hips. I HAVE HIPS!! Melon boobs. Ok so I was in the nude. Bawahaaa!!!!!! But seriously, it was another ahhh haaa moment where I realized what a wonderful creation I am.
It wasn't about what I was wearing today because I've had this skirt for at least two years. It's one of my first purchases. The moment was solely about the love God has for me. How he waited patiently for me to appreciate the gifts He bestowed upon me to use for His Kingdom. I felt like a princess who had found the golden mirror that allowed her to see inwardly. See I and others know who I use to be. The mistakes I've made. My flaws And all. God always saw what I would become
My mom and I have discussed on several occasions how you can put two different people in the same outfit or use the same products on their hair with different results. Have the same MUA beat their face but someone is going to trump the other. Not because they both lack the it factor but someone may lack the "IT" factor. The Christ centered place where the heart transformation is reflective on the outside. Folks can see it but can't really put their finger on it. Y'all feeling what I'm saying? 
We talk so much about putting in work to shape up the outside. We hit the gym 7 days a week to beat our bodies into what we think is perfection. And there's nothing wrong with a healthy lifestyle. I got a lil mini fitness turn up going on.  More importantly for me, I've been running to sit at the feet of Jesus that I might be less like the selfish parts where I pushed my own agenda and plans to be molded into the version of myself He had in mind llllllooonngggggggg before my parents met me.
And it feels so good. I feel new. Different. Stronger. Polished. 
There's more work to undergo to become a complete project but He's the potter and I'm the clay (#scripture) and only the designer knows when the vessel is perfected. So pray that I don't rush the process. Learning to love yourself is worth all the time invested down to the nanosecond. IT IS THE SECOND GREATEST LOVE OF ALL. 
purse//Forever 21
boots// sadly very old & falling apart GUESS

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Unknown said...

Very well written. I convinced myself long ago.. That "I am enough just the way I am today" I wish more of out sisters would know and believe this of themselves. Thanks for the inspiration.. Keep shining!

Unknown said...

Lovely pics and I love ASOS!! #BLMGirl here from CurvyGirlChronicles

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