Thursday, January 22, 2015


I wasn't sure that I was going to actual write a post since I didn't do anything today for the burthday week but I'm still getting gifts though. My students are amazing!! #PBLCHS


I remember once someone said to me on Facebook that I never take a bad photo. I tried explaining to them that because I was blogging, I tried to post perfect pictures to showcase the outfit. Today after looking through the shots KT took during lunch and not liking any of them a thought crossed my mind. Was I not going blog to due to imperfections on photos that I was adding a filter to anyway? 

I decided to suck it up and pick 3 pictures that would give the people what I wanted. A look at my outfit. I've been wanting a quilted midi skirt (yes another  **sticks tongue out** after my friend  Shea at  Curves and Confidence posted this look. Fancy, I found one while out shopping for birthday pieces. Who cares if there was too much sun or that I was frowning? I hope you are here for my writing, the stories and random thoughts as much my wardrobe. 

Why am I going to attempt to live under the falsity of being flawless when my blog is all about the real me. The original me that God made unlike another. Truth is, perfection is only found in Him. So in the continued spirit of celebrating  #thirtypluseight, I bring you flawed photos to my blog. Lolol!!

Tomorrow I'm speaking at a Christian school in two separate classes. I prayed ahead of time regarding what I should speak about and the topic. I'll be sharing about self esteem and peer pressure. Maybe I'll share this post. Because at 38 my self esteem is solid enough that I can post imperfect photos because I'm perfect in Christ.

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vwcrew6 said...

We can not go to God for others like the vassals that he uses us. If we are in place in our life that isn't pleasing to him. ....God is truly using you. Your heart is open to the calling of your purpose. Isn't it amazing to see how your life is changing the lives of others because you trust in the promise he told you years ago. YES, lord...she is walking in her purpose..I love it and her

JustJewels4U said...

Super cute!

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