Tuesday, December 23, 2014

JESUS is Calling

Good morning divamoms and gents,

This space is becoming quite the place where I’ve been sharing glimpses into my faith walk. Today is the second day of my winter break. Shout out to all the teachers resting themselves and relaxing! Yesterday I ran two errands and spent most of my time in bed and the majority of that journaling and writing to Jesus. Yes, Jesus! He’s becoming more and more the center of everything I do. ACTUALLY HE IS MY CORE! This past year has moved me from seeing the Savior as someone who is in heaven to someone who is so close and available anytime.  James writes in 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Sometimes I wake up with a song, scripture or word in my heart that moves me so heavily. This morning it was Jesus is calling. Now before you start to think I’m crazy you must first have a personal relationship with Christ to receive the message in this post and it has to be intimate. #nojudgement #noshade One thing I wanted to be able to do during my break is spend time with God unrushed. So I’m up with my journal, a cup of tea and a banana. I read through the entire 4th chapter of James and made notes. That’s a bonus for me. I will read my Bible and usually it is my favorite chapters or scriptures (mostly in the book of Psalms). One reason for that is because I really like the book and secondly the Bible is well boring. #FixitJesus Not the stories that read like novels but the instructions part. Prolly because I wasn’t in a place to fully understand and change.

Now I enjoy studying the Bible. When I read I use my bible app, biblegateway.com, the Amplified and Message versions of the Bible. This has helped tremendously with me understanding the text. So now when Jesus calls, I’m eager to get in His presence. Stephen Hurd has worship song, ‘Zion is calling’ that I begin to hum as I was brushing my teeth preparing to come to a space (right now my dining room table) where I could spread out my Bibles and journal whilst sipping tea. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about Jesus being so in love with me that He would wake me up from my beauty sleep to come and learn of Him. That made me feel special. It made me feel secure in my relationship with Christ.

As we approach Christmas remember the whole point of this holiday is to remind us that Jesus is calling. He always is and has been. He called out from the precious throne of heaven and because some didn’t want to hear, He decided to come not as a King or royalty that He is but in a way that we would understand so that we would approach Him humbled by His self-offering. Someone who would give up so much for us. I don’t know about you but I don’t like sleeping outside. I hate barns and the smell of farms. Ha that rhymed...giggles. So that in and of itself makes me grateful He took on that role. Listen for the cry of the sweet baby Jesus and now the call of a loving, faithful God who has called you friend.

Enjoy the holidays. 

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T.Davis said...

Thank you for this Kerissa! This post came just in time

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