Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday's LBD

Happy weekend y'all! I haven't posted a oufit in a minute because I still don't have a camera and anyone to take my pics. With the time change KT and I rush home, eat dinner, homework and sleep, only to start over the next day. He's doing well in achool.and band so I ain't complaining. 

This morning was one of those tightly packed days that I blogged about in my last post. Today was National ACT & SAT day so I took him to take the FREE practice test.  A bit later, I was headed to my sorority's Senior Citizens Luncheon. All after working in my classroom for an hour or so. #supermom

Attire for the  event was all black and our chapter blazers. It was already sunny when I left the school at 9 so I didn't wanna dress to warmly as I was going to be running around. I have body temp issues ladies!!!! My blogger friend Shea over at Curves and Confidence gifted me this dress the first time I visited her for the weekend. Now we find time to take the hour drive to hang out. She's fit, fine, an inspiration and feeds my shopping habits.

The first time I wore it I had to pull and tug on it every step I took. As you know, I've been working out since the summer but fell off once school started. I forced myself back into it despite my hetic schedule. More work to be done in the tummy area but the butt is lifting and tightening up. My arms and legs look better too. One of my students complimented my arms. Well he asked me if I box. Huh? Boy bye!! **grabs weights and lifts**

The back zipper is my favorite part of the dress. Gives it some umphh! I'll get the top altered once I can slip into this cutie without the hip hughing, LOL! Shea also convinced me to find a good seamstress and tailor and get. The work done. I love you girl!

I'm on the treadmill typing and need to pick it (go faster). Until next post...GO NOLES beat the Canes!


Minister of Style said...

You look fantastic! Ain't nothing like a LBD especially one with a little something extra going on1

Kerissa said...

Thanks MoS. You inspire me

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