Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Word for Wednesday: The Plan

If you asked me 2 months ago if I wanted to still be teaching the answer would have been a matter of fact no with a 'tude! I was at my lowest dealing with lazy adults, students and leaders who tiptoed around the truth that African American students are at a major disadvantage when it comes to graduation rates, college readiness and transitioning into adulthood.

Now we know there are a number of factors so I won't even go there but what caused me to throw up my hands in exasperation and look for jobs doing work I performed when I graduated with my Bachelor's degree was {{inserts drumroll}} those who looked like the children they taught and were still doing the bare minimum. Yes the pay for educators suck. Yes the hours are long in Title 1 schools. Yes the paper work is intense! Often the kids need quite a bit of remeditation. This is common knowledge so why stay and just watch the kids fail?? #refocuses

I spent the summer declaring in a joking manner that all my shopping (thank you for the summer sale notifications CurveBeauty! #mybloggerboo) was for my new job. I wasn't praying about a move because I had lost faith.I didn't believe anymore there were new doors of opportunities waiting for me. It didn't matter what my test scores suggested I was over it. #packsupclassroom LOL!!

Today I'm working at a school site that stretching, pulling and challenging me to be a better educator, mentor and most importantly,  display Christ like characteristics daily. I care about my witness. I also NOW recognize that teaching is my God given gift even though I denied and fought it for so very long. Ha! I asked God once to anoint me to do something different. Can you imagine if David said no to the harp? Or if Joseph had lain with Poptiphar's wife? Both of these men went from mediocrity to being in charge.

Now I'm not trying to be in charge but I do believe God will bless (and I don't think it's only monetary compensation) me for my obedience to His purpose and plan for my life. Jeremiah 29:11 reassures me that God has a plan and the ultimate goal is to bring me to a successful end. 

Wherever you are tonight, get it in your mind that God's plan is the best plan, be willing to accept His will and follow through. Life will be so much sweeter. I know I awake each morning willing and ready to face the day including those not so pleasant or hardworking students but I do it with joy.

In His Love,  XoXo!


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