Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Day

I'm really excited to share with you a brief moment of my day. Actually I'm over the moon because the events were confirmation for tomorrow's Word for Wednesday post. Hope you return!

During class today I call on a new student who I knew from first impression was a good kid. He moved from Canada to play football here. I didn't notice at the time that he seemed distracted and distant. Most of the time when this occurs the student is simply off task. Boy was I WRONG.

I badgered him for a few minutes and find out that he'd recently received news that his best friend and a cousin died. I didn't inquire about how or ask for any other details. I simply wrote him a note to express my sympathy and moved on. I did watch him read it and place it in his backpack. ****Sidenote: he speaks french well, English slightly but can read cursive. American children take note!!! #shade****

As I'm preparing for the next phase of class he asks to speak to me outside. I get the rest of the students in their group and step outside to chat. Transcript:
Student: "Ms. I heard you were a Christian."
Me: "Yes."
Student: "I'm not a bad person. Two of my closest friends just died. I don't know why bad things are happening to me. I pray with the boys, listen to gospel music and  encourage others."
At this point tears are forming in his eyes and I'm getting mushy. I tell him to keep doing good because the Bible promises a reward. I tell him grief takes time but I don't know how long. I did promise him that he'd smile again and enjoy sunny days. I assured him he was on the right path and life was just fighting against the good purpose he's fulfilling. Gave him the church hug and told him we can pray after class if he elected to do so.

Lo and behold, he stays after class with the other student who a few weeks ago asked me to pray for him because his knee was injured, he wasn't playing football and he needed to pass at the school (his words not mine. He also speaks french fluently). As we circle up to pray, my son comes in. I ask him to join us. As I begin to pray one of the former football coaches who occasionally still helps out comes into my room. At this point I'm praying so he just joins us and places his hand on the student's back who asked for prayer. #nothinglikeaprayingman

Y'all I can't remember any of what I said except for me asking God to let every student on campus know they have a purpose and can be successful and then I choked up and kinda cried. Not really though,  lolol. #divamomtough #chileboo #prettycried

You might roll your eyes about me praying in school but I believe in my God given mission. He's covering me!! #Psalm91 I didn't force them and I knew that student needed to be uplifted. What a gift I was able to give today and I do it several hundred more times.

Best part of my day beside my outfit. And that my dear readers is the highlight of a day in my classroom.

In His love,


Kenyata Frazier said...

Awesome! Moved me to tears.

vwcrew6 said...

Amazing story how God used you for his purpose. You are changing lives being Gods humble servant. Holding back tears because your heart if so full of love..I Loce that.. This is confirmation that you are truly walking in your purpose.. Great job.. #divamom .. Empowering our youth to know they have purpose in life.. It sure is a breath of fresh air to see a teacher embrace her students with love..

Kerissa said...

Thanks for stopping by. It was emotional for me too.

Kerissa said...

Thanks Missionary. You've always believed in my purpose, prayed for me amd encouraged. I wouldn't be in this happy space without your support. I look forward to sharing with you the harvest, Xoxo.

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