Thursday, September 4, 2014

Faked Fall

I mentioned in a previous post that my Canon is collecting dust. I need to purchase a new set of rechargeable batteries and get a tripod. My days are extremely long between settling into my new role as a high school teacher learning new teaching standards, my personal calendar and my son's schedule. KT is too tired after band practice to snap my photos. #needapersonalphotographer These aren't the best cell pics but..... #pretend

This dress was too cute not to post. A tad bit inappropriate for work because the back is really open as you can see but I screamed Fall. Usually I lose interest in fashion when Fall and Winter roll in. I live in Palm Beach and there's no reason for me to pull put the trenches and a layer but I do rock a deep plum or berry lip. 

These shoes are one of my favorite pair but I don't wear them often. Hunty, they are real calf hair and I need them to last as long as they can even though I scored them on sale. #winning

Happy tomorrow is Friday!  Busy weekend. Papers to grade. Workouts to get in. Living hard!

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Unknown said...

You look really pretty!!!

Carsedra McKoy:

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