Monday, September 29, 2014

Still Going Strong

Happy Monday loves!
How was your weekend. I had lunch with my blogger buds Shea,  Ashley and a new pal Jeanne for brunch at Green Street Cafe. The food was yummy and fellowship was funny!
Today I plan to return to working out in the fitness center where I live. Wish me luck. My days have been long at my new job. High school is great but the amount of work and time needed to get our reading scores up is H U G E but I'm all for the challenge. Reading is an integral part of being successful.  I'm blessed to be able to help students in this area.
I know I should probably stop wearing this top but I love everything about it. The colors, print, fit and feel of the fabric. Inexpensive and well made. I knew the shades of blue weren't matchy match and that's what I loved about this look. I almost called this post Shades of Blue. #lameright Thoughts?
What's the piece in your closet that you can't get enough of?

Top// Target
Shoes// Jessica Simpson (Old)
Handbag// Forever 21

Thanks to my niece Kyla for the photos, XoXo. 

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Day

I'm really excited to share with you a brief moment of my day. Actually I'm over the moon because the events were confirmation for tomorrow's Word for Wednesday post. Hope you return!

During class today I call on a new student who I knew from first impression was a good kid. He moved from Canada to play football here. I didn't notice at the time that he seemed distracted and distant. Most of the time when this occurs the student is simply off task. Boy was I WRONG.

I badgered him for a few minutes and find out that he'd recently received news that his best friend and a cousin died. I didn't inquire about how or ask for any other details. I simply wrote him a note to express my sympathy and moved on. I did watch him read it and place it in his backpack. ****Sidenote: he speaks french well, English slightly but can read cursive. American children take note!!! #shade****

As I'm preparing for the next phase of class he asks to speak to me outside. I get the rest of the students in their group and step outside to chat. Transcript:
Student: "Ms. I heard you were a Christian."
Me: "Yes."
Student: "I'm not a bad person. Two of my closest friends just died. I don't know why bad things are happening to me. I pray with the boys, listen to gospel music and  encourage others."
At this point tears are forming in his eyes and I'm getting mushy. I tell him to keep doing good because the Bible promises a reward. I tell him grief takes time but I don't know how long. I did promise him that he'd smile again and enjoy sunny days. I assured him he was on the right path and life was just fighting against the good purpose he's fulfilling. Gave him the church hug and told him we can pray after class if he elected to do so.

Lo and behold, he stays after class with the other student who a few weeks ago asked me to pray for him because his knee was injured, he wasn't playing football and he needed to pass at the school (his words not mine. He also speaks french fluently). As we circle up to pray, my son comes in. I ask him to join us. As I begin to pray one of the former football coaches who occasionally still helps out comes into my room. At this point I'm praying so he just joins us and places his hand on the student's back who asked for prayer. #nothinglikeaprayingman

Y'all I can't remember any of what I said except for me asking God to let every student on campus know they have a purpose and can be successful and then I choked up and kinda cried. Not really though,  lolol. #divamomtough #chileboo #prettycried

You might roll your eyes about me praying in school but I believe in my God given mission. He's covering me!! #Psalm91 I didn't force them and I knew that student needed to be uplifted. What a gift I was able to give today and I do it several hundred more times.

Best part of my day beside my outfit. And that my dear readers is the highlight of a day in my classroom.

In His love,

The Word for Wednesday: A Job With Purpose

Monday night I was reading my daily devotional The Word For You. I accidently  read ahead for this week. Tuesday through Wednesday discussed being a "priest" at work. Before you sideeye me read on. Ya thought I was accepting the call to preach eh? #yougetaNeNesideye In the devotion a priest was described as one who represents God on behalf of others, and others on behalf of God. The scripture was referenced from Genesis 1:28 "Be fruitful... multiply...and govern." This scripture reminds us that we are all called by God to serve not just professional clergy or missionaries.

The devotional went on to state that our job is the primary place where our calling  gets lived out. Think about it. We spend 5 out of 7 days working (some are there everyday), surrounded by others, who are watching; oftentimes, our every move. When we claim to be a representative of Christ,  we must see His purpose and plan in placing us in our respective careers. #witnessanyone?

This is where I confront my previous negative attitude about teaching and recognize that I am doing work that has meaning. I can place myself in 1 of 3 categories.  The first is those who treat their job as such, a job that pays the bills and as a way to make money. Or as a career which can determine my self worth and finally as my calling, the place where I can be a blessing to my students and fulfill God's purpose for my life. I prefer category 3.

Last Wednesday after church my Big sister said to me that what I do for my students is honorable in the sight of God. My giving and pouring into them beyond academics is the work I do. . .with all my heart. . .as unto Him (Col 3:23 NIV). Despite the negatives of being an educator, I'm grateful for the gift of teaching and humbled to have the stage to impact lives. Even more so I know that I'm blessed that others recognize my classroom is my place/stage to be a reflection of God's love for our youth!!

Today upgrade the work that you do. Ensure that it is well done (Mt. 25:23). God gave you the job to fulfill your purpose in the earth! You're a "priest" at work.

In His Love,

Saturday, September 20, 2014


It appears there's no yellow in my top right?  There's is. #lookclosely I try not to put on random colors in fall months #wereallydonthaveFall and post to this here blog. LOLOL!!

This look actually came together well in person except for my undergarments. I had to wear a full slip. The one that isn't designed to be under a knit pencil skirt. In order to have a smooth look,  I had to do some serious rolling and tucking before I left home.

I love these pencil skirts. I now have 4 include the colors fuchsia, blue and burgundy. The burgundy one is linned. The others aren't. This color is the only one I felt I need extra coverage underneath to be certain others weren't seeing anything that wasn't suppose to be on display. #badbusiness

Y'all know I love dressing up. The irony of this is my new Principal has requested we only wear professional attire not to include jeans (As students don't wear jeans. So to enforce the rule, we are asked to set the example). Do you know how difficult it is for me to plan my Friday look? 

Not because I don't have anything to wear but because I don't have anything casual enough to wear on a Friday. I will be taking my gift card and Ebates check to Target for a pair of khakis.   #thatshouldsolvemyissue

If you know a Pinterest folder that has great pins for casual Friday inspiration, an IG account or blog. Leave the address below.

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Word for Wednesday: The Plan

If you asked me 2 months ago if I wanted to still be teaching the answer would have been a matter of fact no with a 'tude! I was at my lowest dealing with lazy adults, students and leaders who tiptoed around the truth that African American students are at a major disadvantage when it comes to graduation rates, college readiness and transitioning into adulthood.

Now we know there are a number of factors so I won't even go there but what caused me to throw up my hands in exasperation and look for jobs doing work I performed when I graduated with my Bachelor's degree was {{inserts drumroll}} those who looked like the children they taught and were still doing the bare minimum. Yes the pay for educators suck. Yes the hours are long in Title 1 schools. Yes the paper work is intense! Often the kids need quite a bit of remeditation. This is common knowledge so why stay and just watch the kids fail?? #refocuses

I spent the summer declaring in a joking manner that all my shopping (thank you for the summer sale notifications CurveBeauty! #mybloggerboo) was for my new job. I wasn't praying about a move because I had lost faith.I didn't believe anymore there were new doors of opportunities waiting for me. It didn't matter what my test scores suggested I was over it. #packsupclassroom LOL!!

Today I'm working at a school site that stretching, pulling and challenging me to be a better educator, mentor and most importantly,  display Christ like characteristics daily. I care about my witness. I also NOW recognize that teaching is my God given gift even though I denied and fought it for so very long. Ha! I asked God once to anoint me to do something different. Can you imagine if David said no to the harp? Or if Joseph had lain with Poptiphar's wife? Both of these men went from mediocrity to being in charge.

Now I'm not trying to be in charge but I do believe God will bless (and I don't think it's only monetary compensation) me for my obedience to His purpose and plan for my life. Jeremiah 29:11 reassures me that God has a plan and the ultimate goal is to bring me to a successful end. 

Wherever you are tonight, get it in your mind that God's plan is the best plan, be willing to accept His will and follow through. Life will be so much sweeter. I know I awake each morning willing and ready to face the day including those not so pleasant or hardworking students but I do it with joy.

In His Love,  XoXo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teacher Tale: RESPECT

If you missed my I’ve returned to work update, read it here.  I’m really enjoying high school and can’t wait to get plugged in more to assist with various activities. This move was just what I needed to get my teaching mojo back and baby have I got it! Remember how I use to share with you my teaching frustrations or successes (here, here and here)? Well I have a story already for you and we are only in week 4. Yep, already there’s one for the blog. Although this one is serious and I’d like your opinion especially if you are a male and you just happen to stop by to see what I’m wearing. Heck, ask your husbands and co workers to enlighten me.

Recently, I had two male students to lose their cool because they felt I was disrespecting them. Now I can be extremely bold and straight forward but I try not to provoke the kids for two reasons. The Bible admonishes me not to and they are so much bigger than me as well as different from the way we were with adults growing up. Now I’ve always been a firm believer that an adult is always right until another adult straightens the wrong adult. I also believe that children should be seen and not hear. I believe a lot of things. Lemme refocus. LOLOL!

Students today feel and will quickly display disapproval if they are given a directive and don’t like it. Am I the only one? Children of this era do not like rules and regulations for various reasons. I am of the opinion that it is mainly due to parents not setting any boundaries. By the time they arrive to me in the 8th grade (my former years) or are in high school, you can’t tell them nothing and they don’t’ want to hear it anyway. This statement has come from African American male students and really left be bewildered. I went home over the weekend questioning if I was being petty and not allowing a bit more freedom since I have older learners. NOTE: It was confirmed on Saturday that I am running my classes exactly as I should be. I prayed about it and was finally able to draw the following conclusion.

So many of our AA male students are misguided about what R.E.S.P.E.C.T. means. For them, respect means don’t step on my new sneakers, or bump me in the halls or ask me to pull my pants us for whatever absurd rationale is floating in their head. I attempted to explain to all my classes today that I am in no way attacking their manhood (which they technically don’t have yet) but there are mandated District and School rules that we must follow. I try to address any infraction politely. The reaction I get almost makes me wanna take it to the streets. So I spoke to my students about responding to certain situations in various settings. I explained that the street credibility isn’t what is given in an academic setting. None of them belong to the mafia so sit down and let me teach you. You do have a double block of reading. Sighs…

How can I help my students understand respect from the point of view that I am the teacher, adult in charge of the room who will not do anything that will embarrass, injury or insult any student? Sound off below. 

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Sunday, September 7, 2014


Wore this to church today. I saw this tee floating around Instagram but didn't mark it mentally to actually find it. Last weekend I took my niece to Old Navy for hanging out with me at the salon and there it was. Grabbed it but paid more than I wanted to for it. The day before it was $5. #anotheronebitesthedust I was unable to find an extra small and almost purchased the one that read "fabulous" instead.

My niece felt this tee represented me well and voted for this one to go home with me. So it did. I had to tuck it in the undergarments to keep it pulled tight but it worked. #tmi

I seriously can not get enough of the midi skirt trend! They are so feminine and can be dressed up or down. I'm thinking about doing a one skirt three ways challenge to show others how to stretch their wardrobe. show me how to stretch my own wardrobe. #noshoppingfreezeAGAIN As long as the pieces are clean and fit well, wear them right? The First Lady of the United States does. #twosnaps #takeapagefromherstylebook

Tee|| Old Navy
Skirt|| ASOS
Shoes|| old Jessica Simpson

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Faked Fall

I mentioned in a previous post that my Canon is collecting dust. I need to purchase a new set of rechargeable batteries and get a tripod. My days are extremely long between settling into my new role as a high school teacher learning new teaching standards, my personal calendar and my son's schedule. KT is too tired after band practice to snap my photos. #needapersonalphotographer These aren't the best cell pics but..... #pretend

This dress was too cute not to post. A tad bit inappropriate for work because the back is really open as you can see but I screamed Fall. Usually I lose interest in fashion when Fall and Winter roll in. I live in Palm Beach and there's no reason for me to pull put the trenches and a layer but I do rock a deep plum or berry lip. 

These shoes are one of my favorite pair but I don't wear them often. Hunty, they are real calf hair and I need them to last as long as they can even though I scored them on sale. #winning

Happy tomorrow is Friday!  Busy weekend. Papers to grade. Workouts to get in. Living hard!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Word for Wednesday: Keep Walking, Running or Jogging

There was a time in my life when it seemed nothing was going right for me or working in my favor. My days were dark and I couldn't see a happy ending in sight. As I sit here typing and reflect on that time it seems like it was forever. Truthfully, it only lasted for a season. That season was dependent upon how long it took me to get the spiritual lesson God was teaching. #schoolisinsession

I am not suggesting I was being punished. I do know that there were ungodly things in my life that was and would prevent me from reaping Kingdom benefits. I would not have been able to live a blessed life, accomplish goals I'd set or see the manifestation of Christ's promises for my son and I if had held on to the identity and character that wasn't a reflection of a Godly woman.

That time was so dark, gloomy and depressing! The valley so low I couldn't see the mountaintop I once believed I would stand upon waving a flag of success!! But I survived, came out better, humbled, tougher in my faith walk and you will too and that person you are praying for. #exhale There wasn't a person around who could change my world during that difficult time. It was my Job experience to strengthen my relationship with our loving heavenly father. It did! #celebrationtime

Whatever place you or someone you know may find themselves today, I encourage you to keep moving. The Bible says in Psalm 34:18 God is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. You will look back, lift your hands and think with tears of joy streaming down your face how grateful you are that the struggle is over. Later down the road as you encourage someone else, you'll recognize you were once in the same place and the lessons learned will be shared.

Keep on walking....

In His love!

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