Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Word for Wednesday: SUCCESS

Self-help is no help at all. Self-sacrifice is the way, my way, to finding yourself, your true self. What kind of deal is it to get everything you want but lose yourself? What could you ever trade your soul for? Matthew 16:26 The Message Bible

I've been thinking hard about what success looks like in 2014. I'm an avid Instagram user and there are so many people sharing clips and photos of them #winning with the world from small business owners to life coaches, consultants and celebrity bloggers.  These folks are living their dream. #wowzers They've sacrificed time with family, friendships,  relationships of various kinds, hanging out and sleep to get where they are. I admire them! #withlimitations

There are more self- help books on shelves. The economic hardships have driven more people to start up a business and pushed for more funding to help sustain,  develop and support those desiring to be business owners.  The successful, rich and famous all want more. They also expect you to pay well for their advice.  SHAMELESS PLUG: The Bible is free and full of practical principles to success.   Advice in online groups is all about the almighty dollars.  Even the natural hair community is beyond growing healthy hair successfully. They are selling tickets to sell expensive hair products.   Everyone {and I do mean EVERYONE} is tweeting daily how important it is to speak to the Universe and magic will happen.  

The scripture above reminds me to filter this overwhelming; sometimes dangerous and destructive desire to be successful the world's way through a different lens. Leading me to ask myself if what I'm pursuing is truly what God wants. Don't mistake what I'm saying here PLEASE.  God wants each of us to prosper in every area of our lives. Do I have to function off 2 hours of sleep forever to get there? It seems like a negative impact on my body that I want to be healthy. Do I give up time with my family to make it to this level?  Because once I get there, I'll see them less and less as a result anyway. Right? Makes more sense to soak in their love and security along the way.  Or maybe I could walk away from them because their blocking me? #reallywiththesideeye

I'm not taking about toxic people and roadblocks!  Look at the photos I located on Pinterest.  The message being communicated through these pics is rise "by any means necessary!"  Even life can't stop you. Truthfully, it can't. Just consider if you aren't enjoying living while trying to get on top maybe you are doing it in your own strength.  I've found that my greatest achievements have been when I've surrendered and allowed God to use me. I've been connected to people,  places opportunities and so much more that I could never achieve on my own. 

Be leery of those who have done it according to them on their own. They never give God credit for giving them life amd placing His gifts that are unique to them inside of their being. Be cautious of those who take out God and use love, light and the Universe to mentor your path to success. For what good would it do you to reach the stars and leave all the glow behind? 

Go forth and be great!


M.Nicole said...

I like this! We are inundated with posts, comments, pictures, etc. of striving for success at all times. Like you said, each person she seek God about what THEIR success looks like. I'm so not about the sleepless nights life! LOL!

Kerissa said...

Thanks for stopping by. I truly believe God places this message on my heart. At the end of the day we can gain all the things we dream and strive for and miss out on eternal life. I'm all for working hard but I can cease from striving when my Bible reminds me that everything I need is provided by Christ daily.

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