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the Word for Wednesday: Proverbs Challenge

I thought this title was really catchy until I started writing this post. Now I feel like it suggests that this inspirational word is only good for one day. It isn't. I've found that I might hear or read something related to scripture and not consider it again until I have a specific moment where that words comes alive.

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I saw a challenge floating around Facebook and Twitter to read the book of Proverbs. I didn't pay much attention to it because I’d read most of that chapter before. I know it is filled with wise nuggets that anyone can understand depending on the translation of the Bible you are reading. Some of my favorite translations are: The Amplified, Message, Life Recovery and Life Application for Students. I own all these and read between them.

Here is where I confess that I have moments where I don’t read the Bible at all. This isn't a good or bad thing depending on your views. I do read a lot of prayers that are written from scripture so I’m getting the word. AND I attend church on the regular. Truthfully, this week I've decided that I can finish two more novels and then I’m going to focus on studying the Bible and reading some of the many books on my shelf that will enhance my CHRISTIAN walk. #Jesusbealibraryvisitblocker I’m going to start with Journey to the Well by my Soror Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie. I purchased this title when it was first released and she was elected as the first woman Bishop in the AME church (my mom currently serves as a Pastor in this denomination). A few of my other favorite titles are  Prayers that Avail Much by Germaine Copeland. I have the all 3 volumes in one. Joyce Meyer’s Battle of the Mind – Winning the Battle In Your Mind is also one that I pull off the shelf when I feel mentally overloaded. I’d also suggest checking out Stormie Omartian.


So the word I want to share today is from the 7th chapter of Proverbs. Read it here. In my words this chapter is about a woman or man who seduces another to have their fill of sex. Yep just sex. No love. You can find love in other chapters though (Song of Solomon, etc). The description in the Life Application Bible was vulgar but effective. v10 “She approached him, saucy and pert, and dressed seductively. v26 “For she has been the ruin of multitudes – a vast host of men have been her victims.” Now I can see this both ways. A man can do the same thing with his charm, deep voice and 6 pack. #thinklikeamantoo The nugget I walked away with is to be very selective of who you have sexual encounters with. Know their past. Don’t walk into a death trap. v22, 23 he followed her as an ox going to the butcher or as a stag that is trapped, waiting to be killed with an arrow through his heart. He was as a bird flying into a snare, not knowing the fate awaiting it there.

Most of us have had some parental instruction and now life experiences that have shaped the way we look at love, marriage, relationships and intimacy. So I reminded myself of those lessons. Then I read the chapter again and received clarity. I called my son into the room and asked him if he recalled the reason I wanted to make sure he is able to cook, clean and do household chores for himself. He did. Here’s what I've been telling him for a while *****THIS IS NOT PG 13******in my EXACT words. “Son, be sure you can cook and clean and handle your own living space when you go off to college because I don’t want you coming home telling me so and so is expecting or I had to visit the clinic because you allowed so and so to do those things for you while she did things to you (catch my drift?!). I was fast as the old folks say back in my day but slow about it. I didn't break out until college. The most I did before was talk on the phone and write letters to boys. Honey these lil girls these days are tenured professors at the School of Zane. I said all that to say, this chapter not only teaches about sexual purity but reminds us of the cost if we don’t treat our bodies and spirits with respect.

My dating life is really dry again this summer. #butImstillintheskreetsliving Well it is drying up. I've been up front with any guy who shows interest. Telling them there will be no sex. It complicates things. It’s what the Bible encourages me not to do before marriage. And now Proverbs 7 reminds me of the danger of chasing that fine specimen to get my itch scratch. Watch it now!

What’s your interpretation of this chapter?
Are you participating in the Proverbs challenge? Any Bible challenges?
Are there any faith based writers, books or series you suggest?

What are you teaching your son/s and daughter/s about sex in 2014?

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P.S. My 15 yo son is also doing the challenge with me.  He’s read this book before as well for our family Bible study time. He has a Revolution Bible for teen guys. Your kids can participate. Go for it!

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