Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Green Glory

Necklace: Walmart
Tee: H&M
Skirt: ASOS
Sandals: Zara
Handbag: Just Fab

Please forgive me if you are thinking these photos suck. KT and I are trying to get back into the swing of things. It has been really difficult since I'm on summer break and not getting dressed much so we have to do our photos for now on Sundays. He's usually in a rush to attend Awaken's (youth ministry at our church)band's pow wow and rehearsal. Hence the kid in the background standing in cafe (where everything is a dollar) window, the people behind me entering/exiting the building and the blurry photos. I also attribute this to my son not really caring about taking my photos. I really need to invest in a tripod and get some practice in for blog selfies. LOL!

I so wish you all could see the polka dot tee and statement necklace I rocked. I felt prissy and cute. Downside was this green was hard to wear. I love the color but there aren't many tops in my closet that I can wear this with. I'm open to recommendations for the next wear of this skirt. I've noticed my style has changed since I discovered ASOS. Y'all that UK store with a coupon code rocks. #Jesusbeapaypalpurchaseblocker Instagram and Pinterest have also played a large part. I adore lady like looks. Ones that are classroom and Sunday morning appropriate. I save my "I'm being grown" looks for the weekends with my girlfriends, sorority sisters and dates (when was dating. #dryseason). 

Roni aka Style and Poise had a Twitter convo about making our shopping purchases count. I've been adding things to my wardrobe that can be styled at least 3 ways. I'm serious about getting the most out of my closet for the upcoming academic year. I have some personal plans in the works and I need my dollars! I have a gazillion cardigans that I need to start wearing again. Gave them up for blazers. Suggestions? How do you maximize your wardrobe?

Less than 2 weeks before I return to the classroom so I'm off to read the latest novels I picked up today. You can see my latest reads on my IG account (click the link below). 

For my fellow educators, how much more summer break do you have left? What are you plans to make the last leg of this time off count?

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YoyosFashions said...

Lovely skirt!!

Alicia said...

Girl, you are WORKING that skirt. And, I totally need that bag in my life! I'm gonna check to see if there are more of them!

Kerissa said...

Thanks. As you can see on IG, I've already taken it for a spin twice. Happy Friday!

Kerissa said...

Thanks! I checked the site recently and they do have the bag still. Happy shopping!

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