Monday, November 26, 2012

Manic Monday

I realize I’m always writing about my work adventures but today…y’all today I just flat lined!!! I asked my students twice was it me? Are my expectations to high? I’m asking you if you think I’m stuck in old school discipline that just won’t work with kids today?

Seriously, when did it become ok to use profanity in front of an adult and dare them to correct the behavior? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cleared my throat when I heard a child curse like a drunken man. Instead of “excuse me Miss,” the student will look at me with a bewildered face and say "whaaaa."  Umm not whaaaa boo but why. Why isn’t your vocabulary more so that you can use words more politely is what I’m usually thinking. Is it wrong that I sometimes just pretend not to hear it because it has become the norm in middle school?

And who decided that pulling on your pants all day, wearing a pencil behind your ear with an empty backpack was what made a guy cool in school? As much as I like the guys with a bad boy streak, well at least 98% of bad boy in them, I crushed on/dated the nerds (just didn't marry one). I was so not into guys who couldn't add without a calculator or read. Now our beautiful daughters gravitate towards them like bees to honey. Let us pray!!

I’m even beginning to see kids wear price tags on their clothes and shoes. Once again honey boo boo why?? We did this in the 90's and prefer that no one and we mean absolutely no one awakens this trend. Do the kids, hell the parents know their kid is classified by the government as a poor but rocking name brand with tags on it and not enrolled in advanced or honors courses???

Y’all I work in a broken system. The adults who fail to address the issues and set boundaries are teaching these same kids that there are will be no boundaries in their adult life. Something we all know just ain’t true. This burden feels like a brick around my neck and I’m trying to keep myself and the youth assigned to me from drowning. But what can one person do in this B I G ole fight? How can I ever make a difference when I’m one of the very few.

Do weigh in for those of you parenting or teaching and finding success. I’d love to read your thoughts & comments.

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Roodlyne said...

This is so alarming!
make my heart cringe when I hear this stuff and I know in a few years my kids are gonna be expose to this mess.
The parents are dropping the ball at home, and it's rolling to the teachers who got their hands tied and cant do nothing.
just keep doing what you doing, and speak into the lives of who will listen. if it stick with one of them then it's a win.

Reviews by Kris said...

It's not just you Kerissa! As a parent I too dislike seeing this because not only is it disrespectful this is the next generation and they appear to have no home training. And I don't quite understand how its coming to this. These are children and they need to remain in a child's place. God bless you for having the patience to deal with kids on a daily basis.

Question: Can you give these kids detention or suspension for repeated offense? I am sure such behavior has got to be against school rules right?

One Womans Style Evolution said...

I want to start my disclosing that I am not a parent. Based on what I see in my neighborhood though there are a lot of people that have kids who are not mature enough (I am not talking about age)to rear children. Immature people don't have their priorities together. So price tags, looking hard and bad manners are priorities until they are englightend. How else are these kids suppose to act when that is the model that they have?

Shea said...

I can't stand this type of behavior, I see it around me everyday. It has even become shocking to me when a child displays any type of manners with out the presence of their parents. I don't have kids but as for my nieces and cousin they already know not to try me like that...especially on Social Media. I will read you and anyone of your little friends that think they are grown. But of course the issue is kids having kids, smh.

Style Chic 360 said...

I agree with Shea, Once again honey boo boo why...It's sad.

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