Friday, November 23, 2012

Grateful, grateful, gratefulness!




I hope every had a wonderful turkey filled day. The first thing I did when I awoke was call into the prayer line after which I continued with my only private prayer time and a few worship songs. One that turned me to mush is Awesome by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago. Have you heard it?

My mom is here with us and I’m so thankful she cared enough to come spend time with us here. We cooked just enough for our tummies (didn’t want to be wasteful) and relaxed. I had a chance to read two novels and I’m working on my third. The first was Identical a teen read by Ellen Hopkins, then I read 80 poof lives (a heart wrenching novel written by a local lawyer near my hometown) and now I’m reading the dew breaker by Edwidge Danticat.

We skipped the sales. How did you make out with finding sale items on your list?
I’d much rather be paying for graduate school. Nevertheless I’m grateful for so much daily such as: 

1. God! Without his love for me y’all, I think I would have given up on life many moons ago.
2.   The man child. My reason for not quitting and giving up. He’s growing into such a wonderful young man. I’m beyond blessed to have such a warm and caring son who is smart, articulate, handsome, tall and has a heart for God.
3. Music. There’s always a song that ministers to whatever need I have. I grew up with a father who is a self taught musician, a great vocalist (he sang in a Gospel a quarter) and the radio on 26/9/ 
4. Books. Like music they gave me what I needed growing up during difficult times. As an adult I still find reading to be the greatest love that I have. Yes even more than shopping!! Words can be strung together so eloquently and captivate my mind for hours on end.

So you see the simple pleasures in life and family are what I’m holding most dear this year. As the year winds down and I find my birthday approaching in 2 months, I anxiously anticipate the future blessings in store for me.

What are you most thankful for?

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Cathy aka Minister of Style said...

I share your love of reading too, words have been a balm to my weary soul, expressing feelings I could not myself articulate. And music, yes girl I agree that there is a song to minister to every need one may have. And I do not need to even express God and His magnificance (is that even a word, lol). I'm glad your mom is with you and you are relaxing and enjoying each other!I didn't do any Black Friday shopping either...pure madness.

Anonymous said...

I am most grateful for the activity of my limbs just been able to breath, walk, talk and move around is a blessing. I enjoyed my timw spent with my family and im just thanking god for the new job he blessed me with.

Kerissa said...

Mrs. Cathy, you dear have a, great way with words. I still go back and read your last comment on a post wether I just poured out my heart. You reminded me that I'm always in His care. Times have been really tough but it is heaven sent individuals like you who make the world do much brighter. We should chat offline sometime!! Blessings :)

Kerissa said...

Now this Teliah, is a true testimony!! The things we take for granted and fail to remember it was His hand at work sustaining us. Umm can I get a witness?? #church Praise dances over the new job!! May you prosper & be a standout employee, Amen.

YoyosFashions said...

You look great!!

Shea said...

First of all, you look great and I know you loved the cooler weather we had this past week!

I am so thankful for a renewed spirit. I am thankful that I haven't allowed my obstacles and hardship burden me and weight be down. I am thankful that I know the lord will always provide me with anything I need.

Style Chic 360 said...

Love that blazer sis.

You know I was out in the crowds at the malls, strictly for my #local4shopping duties. :)) Which was a ton of fun.

I stayed at home this thanksgiving and cooked for myself, after I returned from the hair salon after getting my new color.

I onnly made cornbread dressing and turkey breast and sweet potatoe pie, that's all I wanted. lol. Was the first time I cooked a thanksgiving type meal and I was proud of my little meal.

I'm thankful for peace.

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