Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Are you wondering what relationship the title of this post has with the photos? Well, we don’t really get a winter here in South Florida as you know. We are currently enjoying some beautiful cooler weather so the only place I can wear winter gear during the Fall months and not sweat to death is church. The Bishop keeps the sanctuary like a meat freezer!

Now the confusion for you might be that I’m not wearing a full winter outfit. I usually don’t. I lightly layer and remove what I can at work when it warms up. Note all the sun shining through in every photo. It was about 80 degrees. Gorgeous day. Besides there isn’t a fashion that says I have to be dressed like an Eskimo if and when the temperature drops.

Thanksgiving is Thursday. How excited are you? I’m excited to see my mom. Sadden that this will be my first year without my Granny..sniffs. I’m going to focus on the happy and enjoy the food. I don’t jump on the I’m thankful bandwagon for one day. There have been so many challenges in my life the last year that I’m grateful for all that I’ve survived, that my loved ones have survived and for the gift of life. I hope you are as well.

Sunnies, earrings and skirt: Thrifted
Sweater & clutch: NY & Co.
Shoes: Aldo

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LV said...

We don't get very much cold weather in California either. I only get to wear a pea coat, probably one month out of the year. You look great! Sometimes it is hard to be thankful when everything isn't lining up the way you want it to. I have that challenge too. I am looking forward to the food and just thankful to have people that love and care for me in my corner. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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