Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Matchy Matchy



Earrings: Bakers 
Top: Forever 21
Belt: Thrfited
Skirt: Banana Republic (very very old)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson's Waleo

I am so not a fan of matching from head to toe. I don’t know if you would even consider this look extremely matchy matchy but the color of the top and shoes were dead on. AND I LOVED IT! I wore this Monday and probably should have used that day to bring out something from my winter stash but I didn’t. We had a cool day. The morning started off in the 50s. The temp reached about 70. It was definitely a bit chilly. Not cold at all. Some of the studnets took it a bit far with jackets and gloves, lolol!! A few co workers were outside in the courtyard shivering but I was just fine since I was remained inside the school all day. As much as I love seeing other bloggers layering and changing out their wardrobes, I’m not a fan of cold weather. Burrrr....

In hair news, Karrie is growing. Can you tell? Maybe I should do a post with comparions pics. I’m looking forward to celebrating the one year grow out mark next month. I'm currently obsessed with seeing my coily hair start to hang. Whenever that will be (sighs). I've learned my tightly coiled hair grows up first then down. Yeah, I should probably stay off Youtube but I'm addicted to natural hair info. I’m thinking about giving away some products to another natural who is a follow of the blog. I won’t say my fav products because I’m still learning my hair even though I’ve been natural on and off more than 3 times. I’m also not a product junkie but I am a fan of Shea Moisture products. This line is reasonably priced so I may consider doing a giveaway with some goodies. Or maybe I'll treat myself to a natural hair salon visit. Wow, Karrie getting professionally pampered. That would be really nice!

What did you do to celebrate your one growth mark? 

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Unknown said...

I like this look!!! I don't like being matchy matchy either but the khaki skirt broke it up so it's not too matchy!!

With my recent mishap with my hair and the fact that my natural curl pattern is gone, I can't really celebrate my 2 years coming up. I have been natural 2 years, but only being growing it out 1 year. No celebrating for me, I am still in mourning because I am afraid I am going to have to start all over again and do a big shop.

When I first decided to go natural my hair was already short so it was not problem (no big chop needed), after growing it for a year it seriously hurts my heart to cut if off and start over. I have tried many treatments and even though some curls are coming back in places I still have the rest of my hair that is still straight. My patience is running thin right now and I don't think I want to keep growing it and cut the straight pieces as it grows because it's my whole head, so that means waiting a LONG time to grow it out (without big chopping) to a point where I can cut the straight pieces off and still have a nice length. :-(

Carsedra of:

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Ok three things:

1.) This purple color is beautiful on you!

2.) I love that you call your hair Karrie!

3.) I LOVE Shea Moisture products!

Style4Curves said...

Cute outfit!! I love those shoes!!

Shea said...

This works perfectly! I am usually not matchy either but I think the khaki was the perfect neutral with the pink.

I didn't do anything for my one year hair anniversary. I know for sure at two years I am going to get my hair straightened and trimmed.

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