Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to Me

Hope everyone is having a swell Sunday. I can honestly say that I am having a good day. There haven’t been many but today no lately I’ve been able to feel healing taking place in my inwardly. There have been so many wonderful people who have prayed for me when I was unable to pray for myself. Individuals who only saw me in passing have stopped me at church and shared encouraging words that have helped me to arrive at this place and lift my spirit.

I’m so grateful for the lessons I’m learning along the way. One thing that has come from the dark days are posts that I haven’t shared here yet. Initially I wasn’t so sure I wanted to be so open and venerable.  As I considered this, I thought about why I started this blog.  I realized that when I wrote from the heart (with or without pictures showing what I wore) is when I received the most comments. Those were the times my readers were encouraged in some way and that’s why I’m here.

In the near future, I plan to get back to those type posts. I’m not afraid to be genuine, real and raw here. Afterall, it is my blog and my story/testimony might save someone’s life. I'm looking forward to you being here for more of the journey. 

Wore this to church today:
Earrings: Aldo
Skirt: Thrifted
Ring & Tee: Forever 21
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bangles: Various
Studded Clutch: Marshalls

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keren said...

Glad that you are having a great day. Isn't it a blessing to have wonderful people who genuinely care about you in your circle (& virtually too). Yes continue doing what you do, because like you said your testimony may be someone else's journey!

P.S. Your hair is growing so beautifully. I can't wait for mine to get your length. You are my inspiration all around.

Style & Poise said...

Love the look great!


Cathy aka Minister of Style said...

Yes, I absolutely agree with you! My most commented posts are the ones with no fashion and all truth about my life and where I am. I see your blog as a ministry much like I see mine. What initially drove me to your blog was your refreshingly open heart. You have amazing style but what is even more amazing is your deep faith and love for God. I love seeing your style posts but love even more when your testimony gives life to some unknown person. Keep giving us YOU in whatever form it presents itself and I'm still praying for God to completely heal your heart.

Ria said...

Hope you continue to have wonderful days, love the blues in your outfit.

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