Thursday, June 21, 2012

From the Vault: Chambray Shirt

Last summer this time I was still in the country hanging with my family and relaxing. I drive to my moms as soon as I am granted the ok your classroom is in order for the summer from an administrator. I sleep the first week and make sure I live up to my sister lovingly naming me Sleeping Beauty. I'm back in South Florida and the most I've done is chauffeur the kid to band camp. I wish everyone had two months off so I could have lunch dates and dinner nights sipping adult beverages. See how much I care about you? Giggles!

Picking plums from my Granny's tree last summer. This year I found ONLY 2 :(
Granny's plum tree
I wanted to post these photos when I took them last year. That's probably obvious since I still have them. One reason I didn't post them a while back was because I figured no one wasn't interested in seeing me with no hair when I've clearly been growing out the brush cut for 7 months now and am currently rocking box braids. Instead I'm going to take a page from the blogger book of those BLMGirls I follow and take you back. I decided not to edit the photos except for the one of me picking plums and the actual tree. I wanted you all to experience the goodness that comes fresh off a tree! The other reason is sometimes we (bloggers) can post so many perfect photos the average person feels like she can't pull off the very looks we are sharing. So here's me in my true element y'all.

Before you ask, Yes I miss this haircut a lot but not enough to cut my hair again. I've worn the brush cut look 3 different times.

How about this shirt from the boys section in Target? Winner, right? 

My feet after picking plums right after a rain shower. Can you say country girl?

Shirt: Target
Shorts: ?
Necklace: Target
Hat: Dollar General
Bangles: Various
Sandals: GAP (very old)

as an added bonus here's your Throwback Thursday song. Single ladies, don't settle! I feel a blog post topic coming on soon. Enjoy!

Air Kisses,


Ticka said...

Very cute! I love the chambray top with the khaki shorts! #BLMGirls

LA Lynn's said...

I love going to the country picking plums!!!!! :D
you look so cool & calm... The pics are nice 2! I never edit my photos I just snap & post. Lol! said...

Nice outfit, I'm really loving chambray shirts at the moment!


IMPR(4L)ess said...

I love this post! I'm looking forward to picking grapes in the country soon. And the pics are amazing! Inspirational on a blogger and natural hair level!

YoyosFashions said...


Clara Turbay said...

You have what it takes to make this blog a success!

Alicia said...

You got that chambray shirt and necklace from Target?! They are fabulous! I love chambray and have been wearing my own quite a bit these days. LOL.

Rose Mode said...

Love you blog,
Take a look at my blog,
I hope you'll like it

financial advisor brisbane said...

Love the khaki shorts. It looks good on you. And about that hair, don't worry it suits you. Your still pretty.

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