Thursday, June 21, 2012

From the Vault: Chambray Shirt

Last summer this time I was still in the country hanging with my family and relaxing. I drive to my moms as soon as I am granted the ok your classroom is in order for the summer from an administrator. I sleep the first week and make sure I live up to my sister lovingly naming me Sleeping Beauty. I'm back in South Florida and the most I've done is chauffeur the kid to band camp. I wish everyone had two months off so I could have lunch dates and dinner nights sipping adult beverages. See how much I care about you? Giggles!

Picking plums from my Granny's tree last summer. This year I found ONLY 2 :(
Granny's plum tree
I wanted to post these photos when I took them last year. That's probably obvious since I still have them. One reason I didn't post them a while back was because I figured no one wasn't interested in seeing me with no hair when I've clearly been growing out the brush cut for 7 months now and am currently rocking box braids. Instead I'm going to take a page from the blogger book of those BLMGirls I follow and take you back. I decided not to edit the photos except for the one of me picking plums and the actual tree. I wanted you all to experience the goodness that comes fresh off a tree! The other reason is sometimes we (bloggers) can post so many perfect photos the average person feels like she can't pull off the very looks we are sharing. So here's me in my true element y'all.

Before you ask, Yes I miss this haircut a lot but not enough to cut my hair again. I've worn the brush cut look 3 different times.

How about this shirt from the boys section in Target? Winner, right? 

My feet after picking plums right after a rain shower. Can you say country girl?

Shirt: Target
Shorts: ?
Necklace: Target
Hat: Dollar General
Bangles: Various
Sandals: GAP (very old)

as an added bonus here's your Throwback Thursday song. Single ladies, don't settle! I feel a blog post topic coming on soon. Enjoy!

Air Kisses,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrifted & Styled

Happy Monday Fellow Divamoms,

I am back in South Florida. My visit home was just what I need to go into Sleeping Beauty mode. If you follow me on Instagram (deltadivamom) you shared in the Watermelon Festival, visit to see my Granny who will be 94 on the 24th of this month, lunch with mom (Do we look alike?). Now I’m back teaching online and playing chauffer to my son for band camp. Our 13 year old cousin is visiting for the week as well. Y’all pray for my budget, wallet, fridge and sanity as teen boys eat like grown men!!

I was excited to be returning to my church since I was away for a week but awoke a bit in a blah mood which is usually the case after leaving my mom and family. Every fashionista knows brights are an instant picker upers. Pink and red to me is the new black and white. It seems to be a staple mix of color-blocking in the blogsphere. I’ve even worn it before here.

I must admit it was an instant hit. I was getting complements from the church parking lot to text messages informing me that word on the street was I looked dashing at worship service. Who better to look fantabulous for than a God who loves me enough to give me life to live as a diva, right?

If you haven’t heard, I’m now a part of the group BLMGirls (Bloggers Like Me) of sistas who blog on Facebook created by Leslie owner of Fashion du Jour. Use the hashtag to find me and all the other bloggers on Instagram and Twitter.

For the natural haired followers I’m loving my box braids. I will say the first few days my scalp went into dog in heat mode. I had to wash the hair so I don’t expect it to last more than a month before having to take them all done or have the edges rebraided.

Ring: Mom's old wedding gifted to me (My First Diamonds!)
Earrings: Thrifted
Necklace: Thrifted
Clutch: Charming Charlie
Bangles: Various
Blazer: H&M
Tank: KT's
Pants: Thrifted
Shoes: Forever 21
Nails: Sally Hansen: Pacific Blue

Check out the shoes up close by clicking on my Instagram link above :)

Air Kisses,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Everybody, Everywear: NEON Challenge

I haven't participated in an EBEW challenge in a very long time. When I saw a post pop up on Twitter I immediately knew what I wanted to post. I don't usually post twice in one day but these photos have been in my stash for about three weeks waiting to go up.

As you can see I'm rocking three trends at once. Is it too much? Neon. Animal print. Peplum. It was casual Sunday at church and this is what I came up with.

Earrings: Naturally Me Gifted 
Clutch: Target
Bangles: Forever 21 & Dots
Sunnies: Old Navy
Peplum top: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless


Image 4970

Prayer Chronicle 01: A Prayer for Our Children

I’m on vacation visiting my mom and usually don’t blog much in the summer. I’d like to but I’m always debating if my readers and visitors will stop by if I’m not dressed up and forcing the kid to take pictures of me. No really, some days he hates it. So I end up ignoring the blog most of the summer. Well not this time around. There’s more to me than cute clothes and rants about the state of education. I’m an avid reader, I enjoy writing, I’m not officially the mother of a teenager and I’ve been called to pray.

Of all the hats I wear being a mother and praying is most important and dear to me. It doesn’t make me perfect. I know y’all read my tweets and Facebook post. It makes me hungry to know God in a real intimate way so that I can speak blessings over my life, my son’s life and those connected to me.  

The day preceding my son‘s birthday I felt the sincere urge to pray a special prayer for me. Yes not so much him but me. It‘s difficult to parent. It’s even more difficult to parent alone. We have a great support system but at the end of the day, KT is my responsibility. What I believe will be instilled in him. How I carry myself as a woman will influence his choice when selecting a mate. The way I handle his mistakes will either drive him to his friends for advice or create a bond of trust and respect where he will come to me with anything.

All these things I’ve been considering lately as I’ve read the reports on Pastor Creflo Dollar and even swapped stories of children who are going through a horrific rebellious stage. I had one. You did as well. I survived because my mom covered me in prayer and guided me through the missteps. I’m not suggesting all you need to do is prayer and God will miraculously make your child/ren the politest, studious, talented kids on the planet. I am suggesting that parenting mixed with prayer works.

Today I offer you a simple prayer to recite over yours kids daily. Make it personal. Add to it. But don’t take away from it. Our young people have much more to maneuver to be successful than our parents did or we even encountered. I often tell friends I don’t think I am capable of bringing more children into such a evil and mean world. The Auburn shootings this week made it clear that self hatred continues to destroy the African American community. Another young man facing capital murder charges and the lives of so many forever changed!

Take time to mentor a kid or two. Single moms be a mom. Single dads be a dad. You can’t play both roles. God never intended you to be both or you would have created the kid alone. Make the best of your role. I can’t give my son everything (and I do give him a lot!). What I can give is my time, being present in the moment, celebrating his accomplishments and teaching him to reverence God. That in itself for me is invaluable.  
Take time to day to pray and show your kid/s the same love Christ has shown you repeatedly. Forgive. Encourage.  Celebrate. Pray. Live. Love. Laugh.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of life. For our children!
They are so very precious in your eyes. The world today isn’t easy
for them to navigate. As a parent, step-parent, guardian or mentor
we don’t have all the right answers to ensure they don’t make mistakes.
We ask for your guidance daily as they live the life you’ve
granted. We pray they are leaders at home, school
with friends and when they think no one is looking.
Help us not to provoke our children to wrath and rebellion.
Allow the lines of trust and communication to be open
so they will seek us out for advice.
Let friendships/relationships be Godly.
Help them develop a love for you in their youth.
Protect them from the things they don’t see.
Allow their gifts and talents to be used
to bring glory to the Kingdom of God.
May they always remember
true living is in living for you.
Isaiah 54:13

In His Love,
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