Monday, May 14, 2012

Twice is Nice

Hope everyone had the most fantastic Mother’s Day. I did! My son is going to make a great husband. He treated me to a trip to Target after church on Sunday and kept my wine glass topped off while I chilled reading magazines.

I’m still waiting on my homemade card. I questioned him about it today and he stated he did everything else for me all day which was enough. Kids! Gotta love them.

I won’t be long with this post. You’ve seen this dress before. It’s really old. I wore it on Mother’s Day last year here. Believe it or not I haven’t worn the dress since that day. Yeah, I do that sometimes. This time around I wore it to work with a different pair of shoes and earrings. Short, simple and still stylish.

Dress: GAP (old)
Shoes: Guess via Ross
Earrings: Burlington
Shades: Old Navy
Watch: Fossil via Macy’s
Bangles: Various
Photographer: KT

Check out how much Karrie (my hair) has grown. This week will mark 6 months I’ve been growing out the brush cut. I posted an updated picture of the actual length stretched on Instagram. Find me: deltadivamom. 

Sending you much love & many blessings!


Unknown said...

I love the dress. The orange colour suits you!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

This dress is gorgeous and your hair is growing so beautifully!

Tia Lou said...


SAT said...

The dress is super cute!

Unknown said...

cute dress!! beautiful color on you!!

Anonymous said...

I love that dress! I have the exact same one, color and all. I actually forgot about it til I saw your post. Maybe I'll dig it out and post it.

LV said...

I love that dress and it is such a pretty color. It sounds like you had a great mothers day:-)

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