Monday, May 21, 2012

Pleats and Peppermint

Earrings: Thrifted
Sunnies: Old Navy
Bangles: Forever 21/Other
Ring: Bakers Shoe Store
Skirt: Gifted
Sweater: St. Johns purchased at consignment boutique
Cluth: Macy's gift with fragrance purchase
Lippie" Revlon Raspberry Bite

Thank you Michael Kors!
Purchased 2 years ago on a birthday thrifting spree

Silly Me!

My nephew graduated from high school this morning and this is what I wore. I am so proud of him. He's more of a son than a nephew with a big heart and appetite but he's as gentle as a teddy bear. I told him I proved my love for him by waking up at 5:15 AM to be at the location before the doors closed at 7:50. Yes I take that long to get dressed because I do a million other things in between. Who else does that?

This outfit has two of my favorite things: pleats and the color red. I wish you could see the pattern in the skirt more. I posted a picture on Instagram. You can find me as deltadivamom and check out the skirt up close and the earrings. I received this skirt for my birthday from one of my favorite bloggers and friend Shay create of Curves and Confidence. She knows I love long skirts and pleats. I hope she'll be pleased with the look. I have another idea in mind with a pop of color so you'll see a fashion remix soon.

I'm off to finish watching Happy Feet 2 with the kid. Yeah we are kinda already in summer break mode. We still have 11 more days of school but I took a 5 hour nap (yes a nap) today after dinner with the graduate and the family. 

Air Kisses,



Shea said...

I love the way you styled it! I knew the length would be perfect on you!

LV said...

Great outfit! I love the skirt and your shoes are really cute.

vwcrew6 said...

My heart is so full.... Thanks for sharing the love for your nephew my son with your reader.. I know they already know what an awesome person you are.. But I just wanted to show you some love and say THANK YOU..... LOVE YA

Corie said...

I love that skirt! You look fab as always. Congrats to your's always a great feeling when someone close to you accomplishes such a major goal.

Unknown said...

how nice of her!! that's awesome and i love the way you wore it. congrats to your nephew :-)


KC said...


Alissa said...

Love the skirt and you always have the best sunnies.

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