Saturday, May 26, 2012

Same Blue, Day Two

Happy Memorial Day weekend. A moment of silence for those how have died serving our nation. Always remembered. Always honored.
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Yep, I am here posting when I should be wiping sand from places no one wants sand but this morning during my errand run I discovered a screw in my drive rear  tire. Good news is it is plugged until Tuesday. Bad news is I am unable to travel much or far for safety purposes. This rained on my trip to Target parade so I came home and took out the goodies to DC (deep condition for you non natural haired folks) my fro.

About this look...yes it is the same skirt I wore on the last post here. After reading this post from Lexi and being reminded by Eboni on Twitter that style is remixing what you already have in your closet I decided the remaining few days of school I was going to refashion and not make any more purchases except for my trip to Maryland later in the summer.

My students are certain I never wear the same thing for the 180 days we are in school so I had to prove them wrong. Teacher knows best! You will be saying more of this skirt and the other one I purchased like it. They are super comfy and versatile. Not sure what took me so long to buy one or two, lolol. Probably because I do not  like jersey/clingy material so I ruled these out for a very long time. I am so glad I changed my mind. This skirt is everything *swoons*.

Top & skirt: Marshalls
Earrings: Country Dollar (yep everything is $1  thanks Shon)
Shades: Old Navy (paid a $1 for them last summer)
Ring: Forever 21 (gifted from Blogger Christmas exchange)
Bangles: Forever 21 & gifted from my Sister
Watch: Fossil
Clutch: Thrifted
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Weema
Nails: Sally Hansen Blue Me Away

For those of you who are beachside soak up some rays for me. Inhale a plate of barbeque with the perfect sides and a ice cold green bottle with the red star on it (gotta talk in codes for the Saints who may read this) and do not forget the cupcakes.  I am off to continue this conditioning process. By the way, I really want to color my hair/fro/Karrie. Or maybe I will go with the long top and shorts sides to give it some pizzaz. What cha think?

Congratulations to my niece Chevaughn on her high school graduation. She is one beautiful stylish girl inside and out. Watch out world..this girl will do great things..guaranteed..oh the places she will go.

Air Kisses,


KC said...

Oh, you look so gorgeous in this outfit. The skirt should definitely be your new best friend!
As far as my two cents on your hair...I love it just the way it is, but if you are itching for a change, I would add color becuase the shape looks great!

Roodlyne said...

I want those shoes in my life! i'm loving those stripes. it's time we hit town for a photo-shoot together <3

Shea said...

Stretchy skirts are soooo comfy. You literally could sleep in that skirt, wake up and walk out the door. They are perfect for those lazy days. The shoes and top are perfection, you know I love stripes =)

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