Thursday, March 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Share My World

Hello Divamoms and Divas,

Y'all can't be true fans of a divamom's journey if you aren't a Mary J. Blige fan. She was at Jazz in the Gardens and performed two of my favorite songs. Enjoy!

What are you favorite Mary tracks?

Let me just thank you for holding me down here. I can't believe I've jumped from 170+ followers to 201. Ohhh weeeee....You all rock, xoxo!!!There is more to come and I'm looking forward to you being a part of it. 



KC said...

Two divas in one post! ;)

MrsTDJ said...

Mary is one of my BFF's in my head! *lol* So many tracks could be listed as favorites, but I'll go with Real Love, You're My Everything and My Life. Classic Mary!

Marsselinus said...

Bardzo dobry blog O.o Jestem pod wrażeniem ^^
Ja już obserwuję i czekam oczywiście na to samo. Pozdrawiam !

Chi-Chi said...

MJB is the one! she is such a poweful and soulful singer!

my fave songs are All Night Long, Share My World and You're My Everything

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