Monday, March 12, 2012

I Paid Less at Payless

This past summer I saw these Steven Madden platform sandals everywhere and loved them but felt as though I had too many pairs of shoes (yes, I try to trick myself into believing that sometimes) and far to many pairs of black shoes (is that even possible?).

Sunday I was drawn to Payless by an extremely strong force that wouldn't let me go. I think we call it the shopping bug :) I was hoping to find some cute patterned open toed flats. Don't pass out on me. I'm trying to branch out and try something new in the shoe department. Plus there are some "high end" designers creating more affordable lines for the everyday woman.  

Lela Rose, Isabel Toledo and Christian Siriano (I almost purchased this handbag) have created designer collections for the store which have been great but I've never been able to get my hands on anything I had my eye on. Dad right? Truth is I think they send the good stuff to the stores located in the wealthier neighborhoods. 

To make up for my past misfortune my personal shoe fairy allowed me to stumble upon these beauties by Brash. I didn't give this purchase a second thought, I grabbed them and raced to the counter. They are totally cute and comfy. I've already planned two outfits for work around them. #seriously Y'all know I'm a divamom on a dime budget!

I'm wondering if folks are shocked that I shop at Payless. Are you? If you follow my tweets I shared a pair of polka dot blue and pink shoes that are super oldies but still trendy that I purchased many years ago from the Shoesource.  One thing 've learned is spending more doesn't make the item great. Yes, blogging helped me with this. The point is I'm going to rock these hard and even give away a pair of shoes from my closet to make room for them.  I am so not a hoarder (wink).

What do you think of this purchase?  Can a woman have too many pairs of black shoes?

Kicking up my heels,


Roodlyne said...

these are gorgeous! BTW the steve Madden from last year find their way to marshall this year 39.99 they had them in hot pink, it took everything that I had to walk away, I somehow convince myself that 4 pair of hot pink shoes were enough for one closet :) I didn't say anything abt the black ones tho'

Vonae Deyshawn said...

Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous! I agree with having too many black shoes. I have about 5 black pumps now adays but you can never have too many shoes. : ) I checked out the site and they have them in tan as well!!! Swoon!

Vonae Deyshawn

Ticka said...

I'm not shocked at all!! I shop where ever my heart desires. If that just so happens to be Payless at the time, then so be it. And quiet as kept, Payless ain't so cheap anymore. They get it in with those prices sometimes!

Ashley said...

LOVE THOSE SHOES! I need those in my life. A girl can never have too many black heels. Keep shopping hunny :)


Quala said...

I'm with you! I will shop anywhere and I love this shoe! I also had to stop myself from always buying black shoes, because that was mainly what my closet consisted of! Agreeing with, Ticka, Payless isn't as cheap anymore!!

Nekiah Torres said...

Not surprised at all. Fashionable and Smart! I love it! Kiah

KC said...

The answer to all of your shoe concerns is...NO!!!! ;)

(I'm glad you walked away with another pair of black shoes.)

lasophia said...

Funny you mention this, I almost went to Payless today. Im searching for a very plain pair of black flats for a DIY project. Im like the opposite of you though, I dont think I have enough black shoes at all, well maybe just boots hehe.


Tia Lou said...

Those are hot Hot HOT!

Unknown said...

These shoes are so gorgeous, i love them! I am now following you via GFC. Am hosting a giveaway, please come over and check it out.


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