Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just One

I mentioned earlier, I’m striving to get mileage out of my wardrobe so I’m remixing items. This skirt was seen last seen here. The weather has been perfect here in South Florida so I’ve been whipping out the springy looks early. Tossed on two tank tops and my sister’s jean jacket and off I went to work. 

While we are on the subject of work, let me say to all parents your child is only as good at being a greeeaatttt (in my Tony the Tiger voice) student as you push and support them to be. Don’t get me wrong some kids will excell in hell to get away from a life of poverty, crime and nothingness. But these type kids aren’t sitting in my class.

Our kids have everything but have nothing. I teach the same reading concepts year after year for FCAT success and year after year I get blank stares. PSA to parents: If you don’t love reading, your son or daughter won’t either. If they never see you read a book from cover to cover or handle the newspaper they won’t have a clue about endurance or finding the remainder of the story from the front page of A on 5b in the local new section.

This is what I deal with in my classroom. But I am not discouraged. Today I received a letter from a former student who was on her way down a dangerous path. We had two interactions. I listened with my heart and shared a few tidbits with her about my teen years. And you know what she wrote me a letter. In the letter, she thanked me for telling her with sincerity that someone was in her corner, for showing I cared about her, for giving her a hug the day she was ready to blow her top and saying I loved her regardless of the student I saw on display when I observed her from afar.

The last line of the letter thanked me for saving her before she drowned! Can you imagine me sitting at my desk in front of my others students reading something of this magnitude? I fought back the tears but at that moment I knew that God was with me. He’s always been with me since the day I became a teacher and vowed to make a difference in any child’s life in whatever form that was needed if they were assigned to my class. So today I’m feeling blue. Calm. Serene. Hopeful. Peaceful. Glad that I was handpicked by God to be Ms. BLue (yes this really is my last name) for every student assigned to my classroom. A ray of hope.

Post about the cute manicure looking coming soon (:

I don’t take this task lightly so I ask that you PLEASE remember to pray for me and all teachers. 



Egypt said...

I love your blog and your hair! I'm growing out my recently cut hair and seeing yours is an inspiration :-)

cam - bibs and baubles said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes!

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