Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Interpretation of the Ombre Nails Trend

I am so excited to be sharing this post...yes indeed. This is as close as I will get to a DIY project. #don'tjudgeme Yesterday on Twitter I asked some of my favorite bloggers who also happen to be nail polish junkies if they had worn the ombre look made popular by Lauren Conrad. They had not but everyone was in agreement it was a look worth rocking. I'm not one who usually paints my fingernails but I LOVEEEEEEE giving myself pedicures. 

So what do I do? Head over to Google for some ideas. I kept seeing shades of blue used for this look. I am a huge fan of the color so I pulled out my collection of polishes and came up with this: 

L'Oreal Jet Set to Paris & SinfulColor Midnight Blue
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Thinking of You & SinfulColor Black on Black
Ice Queen layered over L'Oreal Colour Rich Jet Set Blue
L'Oreal Paris Colour Rich Jet Set Blue

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away & Ice Queen

Sorry the photos are out of order. I attempted to blog from my phone Monday night and was unable to. Then I downloaded the photos to my computer from my Android Tuesday night and was successful. Once I added them to the post and click on add a caption they kept jumping above the other pic. Umm don't ask. Blogger can sometimes not be the bizness!

Air Kisses,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just One

I mentioned earlier, I’m striving to get mileage out of my wardrobe so I’m remixing items. This skirt was seen last seen here. The weather has been perfect here in South Florida so I’ve been whipping out the springy looks early. Tossed on two tank tops and my sister’s jean jacket and off I went to work. 

While we are on the subject of work, let me say to all parents your child is only as good at being a greeeaatttt (in my Tony the Tiger voice) student as you push and support them to be. Don’t get me wrong some kids will excell in hell to get away from a life of poverty, crime and nothingness. But these type kids aren’t sitting in my class.

Our kids have everything but have nothing. I teach the same reading concepts year after year for FCAT success and year after year I get blank stares. PSA to parents: If you don’t love reading, your son or daughter won’t either. If they never see you read a book from cover to cover or handle the newspaper they won’t have a clue about endurance or finding the remainder of the story from the front page of A on 5b in the local new section.

This is what I deal with in my classroom. But I am not discouraged. Today I received a letter from a former student who was on her way down a dangerous path. We had two interactions. I listened with my heart and shared a few tidbits with her about my teen years. And you know what she wrote me a letter. In the letter, she thanked me for telling her with sincerity that someone was in her corner, for showing I cared about her, for giving her a hug the day she was ready to blow her top and saying I loved her regardless of the student I saw on display when I observed her from afar.

The last line of the letter thanked me for saving her before she drowned! Can you imagine me sitting at my desk in front of my others students reading something of this magnitude? I fought back the tears but at that moment I knew that God was with me. He’s always been with me since the day I became a teacher and vowed to make a difference in any child’s life in whatever form that was needed if they were assigned to my class. So today I’m feeling blue. Calm. Serene. Hopeful. Peaceful. Glad that I was handpicked by God to be Ms. BLue (yes this really is my last name) for every student assigned to my classroom. A ray of hope.

Post about the cute manicure looking coming soon (:

I don’t take this task lightly so I ask that you PLEASE remember to pray for me and all teachers. 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lessons From Whitney Houston


I’m a big texter but Saturday night I received a text that rocked my world to its very core. Yep, when I heard and confirmed via Twitter and Facebook that Auntie Whitney Houston had transitioned; I cried for three hours. One of those was spent listening to her songs on Pandora, the radio and pulling out my cds. I danced, I sang to the top of my lungs off key and I lay across my bed and cried uncontrollably.

But let me back up so you can understand why I reacted to her death as I did (cause I know you are giving me the WTW ?!?! look).Especially since I’d never met her or seen her in concert or even blogged about her as one of my favorite celebrities.  I snatched up the phone after it was confirmed, called my mom and sobbed into the phone while asking her why weren’t we able to save one of God’s precious children? Where were the folks that were in her Hollywood on top of the world I’m rich and famous circle that should have flush the drugs down the toilet or dragged her to rehab as her mom Mrs. Cissy Houston had once done? This was the question I asked Moms and I’m still asking folks. AND AWAITING AN ANSWER TO.

Yes I know it isn’t that easy. I know first hand! All to well the demons, the look, the pull and the hold. I’m not a user but a daughter of one. I can understand Bobbi Kristina from this perspective. No my father wasn’t known worldwide but everyone in my community knew. The students and staff at my school  knew. I hated the drug abuse. There were days I hated him. What it did to our family. To my MOM. To me. On the other hand, I’ve never explored drugs. I haven’t desired a taste of cocaine or crack. Being surrounded by drugs, living in a small town with nothing much to do and enough crime to keep the wanna bes entertained provided me the opportunity to fail but I didn’t.

I feel it is an appropriate time to say: “Lord, thank you for your amazing grace.”

Not because I am better or was stronger than our dear sister Whitney. God heard the prayers of my mother (THANK YOU MOM)!!!! Just like I believe he heard Mama Cissy’s cry to rescue her daughter. My heartaches to know the power of a praying mother ended in what we see as tragedy. But the truth is GOD rescued Whitney from the destructive path she had taken. If you follow me on Twitter @KTsdivamom I shared some lyrics today from her song “I Look To You.” She was tired. Her spirit was broken. The stage had taken her on a path her roots in gospel never intended.

What I won’t do is remember the bad days, images, comments and blog posts from the media and others who were unable to forgive her. Who am I to judge? My father is in my life. He’s been forgiven. There are strict rules for our interaction because I do not have to allow anyone in my circle who isn’t living to the standards I desire to live my best life and provide a life of stability, peace and calm for my son. What we must do is address the issue. Refuse to tolerate it. Drag the person kicking, screaming and cursing to get help. We never saw Whitney at the crackhouse. Who was her provider?

I know that by sharing this with you I am healing more. Amy Winehouse’s death triggered emotions in me that I didn’t know was there. Thankful for my sister Nikki who listened and let me cry and talk about it without judging. I want to be free. Drug use isn’t just about the abuser. Let’s be sensitive to the needs of her family and closest friends at this hour. Don’t be so judgmental. You never know who has lived this life. I did but you wouldn’t guess it from my outfit post………………………..

Forever Remembering Whitney,


Because I didn’t want this to be a gloom and doom post I decided to go ahead and share:

What I’m wearing:
Earrings, skirt (seen here) & belt: thrifted
Top: Ann Taylor Loft (Old)
Sandals: Aldo Geidiner (Birthday gift to self)
Flower in Hair: Forever 21 seen here
Handbag; Zara

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A few weeks ago I attend our monthly and heard a message that was life changing. Before I share it with you I want you to do one thing (just as I did before Pastor Debbie ministered). Write down three things you desperately want to happen in your life. ONLY 3!! No cheating please, lol. 

Pastor Debbie began by defining the word diligently. Random: have you noticed this seems to be the norm from public speakers of all types? Not that it’s a bad thing. I just noticed that folks will tell you what Webster has to say about a word.  #Unfocused  It means to observe/do/carefully do.

So the question posted that night to all the women in the room and to you as you read this is “What can you do to get things on your list accomplished?” You might say, “Kerissa, I am already doing everything I can especially praying.”  This is where the rubber met the road. Many of us are doing more praying than we are taking action to see our dreams manifested. I have been.

Pastor Debbie helped me realized heaven responds when earth takes action. We often put all the responsibility on God for the circumstances in our life than we do on ourselves. But ask yourself what vehicle will get you to your vision.

Don’t put your dreams in the hands of others. Don’t be motionless. Don’t expect God to answer an un-prayed prayer. How can God perform, move, act on our behalf if HIS word doesn’t go out? We must speak it (HIS promises) and actively do the things that will move us into position.
Top: Old from JcPenney
Belt: Old
Pants: Thrifted
Shoes: Old from Cato
Purse is birthday gift from Moms: Zara
What role does diligence play? A major one if any of the 3 things on your list has been there for quite some time. Maybe you’ve desired a mate for years or a new job for the past 4 years.   You’ve always wanted to be a homeowner. Whatever it is don’t look at your vision board as a wish list. See it as an opportunitiy to practice obedience to God’s word for the long journey no matter the timeframe until all His will + your plans are accomplished.

In His Love,

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