Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Hear an Abundance of Rain

Let me thank you all once again for all the lovely birthday wishes, shout outs, tweets and messages honoring my born day. I can’t share enough how fantastic the entire weekend turned out. I know the pictures from the post recapping my weekend weren’t the best but I’m still learning my camera and didn’t dive the operator much direction. I was busy being in the moment and soaking up the love from those who came out to celebrate me.

Today Ruth Chris  sent me an email for a Valentine’s Day dinner. The dining experience is phenomenal but I won’t be revisiting again this soon. If you are looking for a place to celebrate something special soon.  I am recommending this restaurant. Hope this short add will result in a discount. No harm in trying right?

It’s really late but I wanted to get a quick post in. I have a BIG project in the works. Not for the blog. I know I really need to do more with it. one reason is I don’t want to distract you from my sporadic outfit posts and I really like that some of you actually read my writing. Y’all know how to make a girl happy.

No this is an opportunity that ONLY GOD could have orchestrated!!!!!!! I’m asking that you pray for me for wisdom, guidance and peace. I’ve stepped out on faith because I believe that I’m ready to do extraordinary things when God ordained doors open. God has been doing so much in my life it would take a few posts to catch you up. I’m still fellowshipping with HIM but recently I’m learning more to be still while listening to instruction and then promptly obeying. Resulting in blessings raining daily.

Ha haaa it is raining outside right now and I just tweeted last week that I am expecting an abundance of rain from heaven. Talk about figurative language (we are discussing this in class this week). It hope that you are in a place of greatness as well. If not, keep holding on. It’s good to know that when God does anything; He is the only one that can undo it.

In His Love,


Chandra MoMoMod said...

Happy Belated Burthday! I see your hair is growing out rather nicely. I love that animal print top, too!!


Roodlyne said...

taking a sip (of my smoothie), raising glass in celebration of my sister doing it real B.I.G!

"it's my season, it's my time, for the favor of the Lord" woo-ooh!

Tavia Mac said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

That top is fabulous! And to pair it with the red skirt is just awesome! You look great!


Karissa said...

Loving the red and leopard. Great style, great blog! And name :) Following.


Corie said...

I missed your birthday?! Well Happy Birthday! You are looking fabulous.

ari said...

Happy birthday. You look great as usual!

Shea said...

You can do extraordinary things and I can't wait to see what unfolds for you!

I absolutely love red and leopard together, your look fantastic!

shopnowsavelater said...

OMG! my darling i've missed your posts! I must say I feel guilty for not commenting more often and I am so sorry! I am loving this ensemble the leopard cardi gives it life! you rock!

xoxo TY

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