Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Birthday Wish List

Hello divamoms & divas,

As I approach the 26th birthday celebration (yes, I know I was 26 last year and the year before and the year before that) I thought I would do my annual birthday wish list post.
Here are a few gifts one could never go wrong with if sent or delivered to be on or before the 21st of January:
A MAC gift card
I have a lipstick love affair. Now that I’m growing out my brush cut, I've found that a sizzling lip color and a nice pair of BIG earrings keeps me from looking dull.

A Bath & Body Works gift card
I love the body butters. I layer them over my oil and then put on my perfume fragrance. Moms taught me this and I smell lovely all day long without smelling like a teenage who likes vanilla. My favorite scents are Twilight Woods (the bestest), Brown Sugar & Fig, Sensual Amber and Black Amethyst.

A donation to one of these charities that support the fight against:
Alzheimer - In honor of my grandmother

Breast Cancer - in honor of my Aunt Val, Ruth, my mom who is a survivor and all affected by this disease.

HIV-AIDS - because the world needs a cure!!

An iTunes  giftcard
I am confessing my addiction to music. All genres. All day. Everyday. Even when I am asleep. It’s universal and brings with it something so powerful that it can’t be put into words. I see why the devil wanted to be more than the choir director in heaven. Glad he didn't win (high 5).

Viva La Juicy Peace, Love & Joy or is the original scent I want O_O
My Mother is a perfume lover. So am I. You know what they say like mother, like daughter (is this really the cliché?). My brother will buy her the latest scent every holiday he doesn’t care what the cost. Dear Lord, please let my future boo posses this same trait as my loving brother. #notkidding By the way as I type this I am wearing Jimmy Choo and I am falling in love with myself. Yes divas, I smell delicious!!!!

And my final choice is this
The Michael Kors Bedford Satchel
I need my MK fix. Yes, I already own 2 of his bags but one more won’t hurt. Oh please Mother and Goddie hook me up (I doubt they are even reading my blog but it can’t hurt to try, right?). Heck, I’m even willing to split the cost 3 ways. NOTE: they've already applauded my taste of fine handbags and shoes but politely declined to shell out the money for this MUST HAVE (major sadface).

FYI: I'm really not vain. I probably won't get any of these things and honestly I won't mind because I have a wonderful dinner party planned. I've learned the best gifts don't cost money. I  usually celebrate with the two besties but we won't be getting together for our annual all girls' shing dig until later in the year. Regardless I'm elated to be 9 days out from my born day. 

Air Kisses,


Ashley said...

Great wish list. I love gift cards. You can get what you want from your favorite stores.
I need to make my donation to Alzheimer's Association soon. Thanks for reminding me :)
My bday is coming up soon
Ps.I tagged you in a post

Miss Dre said...

You have a great list! I especially love the Michael Kors Satchel and the MAC gift card (I gotta have a tube of Violetta and Rebel lipstick)! And what a coincidence? I will be turning 26 again this year as well, lol. I hope you get everything you want for your birthday :-)

Nekiah Torres said...

I wanna be 26 every year too!! lol LOVE IT! This list is amazing! I want everything on it! Thank you for all of your sweet comments! You are such a special lady! Kiah

mispapelicos said...

So glad to have you on board again, my dear friend.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and do keep in touch.
Much love.

mispapelicos said...

It would be fun to have the body of a 26 years old and my older head. That would be the real deal, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

A Haute Mommy said...

This is a great list! You got me thinking of what I want on my wishlist and my birthday isn't until April.

I wanna be fierce said...

Awesome wish list. I hope you enjoy your birthday.


Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

Love the list! And I love that bag! I would love a mac giftcard as can never have enough lip glasses!

simplychic said...

great wish list! i hope you are lucky and get everything your heard desires :)

Roodlyne said...

how about a hug? *batLashes*

Nothingordinarystyle said...

What a great list, since you are turning 26 you know (lol) I hope you receive some of you wishes.Hope your Birthday is a blast. Continued Blessings.

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