Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Hear an Abundance of Rain

Let me thank you all once again for all the lovely birthday wishes, shout outs, tweets and messages honoring my born day. I can’t share enough how fantastic the entire weekend turned out. I know the pictures from the post recapping my weekend weren’t the best but I’m still learning my camera and didn’t dive the operator much direction. I was busy being in the moment and soaking up the love from those who came out to celebrate me.

Today Ruth Chris  sent me an email for a Valentine’s Day dinner. The dining experience is phenomenal but I won’t be revisiting again this soon. If you are looking for a place to celebrate something special soon.  I am recommending this restaurant. Hope this short add will result in a discount. No harm in trying right?

It’s really late but I wanted to get a quick post in. I have a BIG project in the works. Not for the blog. I know I really need to do more with it. one reason is I don’t want to distract you from my sporadic outfit posts and I really like that some of you actually read my writing. Y’all know how to make a girl happy.

No this is an opportunity that ONLY GOD could have orchestrated!!!!!!! I’m asking that you pray for me for wisdom, guidance and peace. I’ve stepped out on faith because I believe that I’m ready to do extraordinary things when God ordained doors open. God has been doing so much in my life it would take a few posts to catch you up. I’m still fellowshipping with HIM but recently I’m learning more to be still while listening to instruction and then promptly obeying. Resulting in blessings raining daily.

Ha haaa it is raining outside right now and I just tweeted last week that I am expecting an abundance of rain from heaven. Talk about figurative language (we are discussing this in class this week). It hope that you are in a place of greatness as well. If not, keep holding on. It’s good to know that when God does anything; He is the only one that can undo it.

In His Love,

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Recap of My Birthday Weekend

Hello Divamoms & Divas,
Thank you all so much for making my 26th birthday (yes, I’m the same age as last year!!) such a memorable weekend.  I was shown so much love and I’m forever grateful to God for giving me life, for sending me great friends, a loving family and this blog.
Blogging has opened the door for me to meet some wonderful ladies here in South Florida. Schevashea of Curves and Confidence joined me for dinner along with Ashley of  A SassyWoman and Roodlyn of Supermom Place.  Both Ashley and Schevashea dedicated posts to my birthday here and here. These ladies are like girlfriends I’ve known for a lifetime. I look forward to getting to know them better and exploring the city.
Dinner was superb. The staff at Ruth Chris rendered excellent service (there was 21 people in my party) and I’ll be sure to return in the near future. Every moment from beginning to end will forever be etched in my heart. Even the non arrival of the dress I ordered from JcPenney. I showed it to a few girlfriends and one guy. We were thinking it was a win based on the picture. Even the bestie Q texted and said I was going to be showing off my curves.

Well not quite :( The dress never arrived which was a blessing in disguise. I’m ready to get my monies back yesterday!! I went shopping for a dress but didn’t find anything. I did get 4 pairs of shoes ( two from Zara and two from Aldo), a handbag from Zara and a t-shirt, another t-shirt from H&M and a ring, gift cards and get this……………….. a beautiful red dress (thanks KP!!).
Yep God sent me my heart’s desire anyway. I’ll be wearing my new item soon to church and I couldn’t be happier.  Truly words can’t express the joy I felt being surrounded by people who cared enough about me to travel over an hour and take time from their families to spend an evening with me. There was much later, good food, wine and heartfelt words spoken about me that almost made me cry. I do have one more BIG celebration planned with the besties. Stay tuned for an extended partay celebrating me.

Before I go here's a quick Karrie (my hair update). She's growing. 3 months strong.

Sending Air Kisses,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's My Birthday!

Thankful to see another year. Today marks the beginning for me to become a more excellent me. Thank you all for the well wishes via Facebook and Twitter and here on the blog. This journey is more enriched because of you. In case you were curious, I'm 26 AGAIN today, lolol!

The Living Proof is my testimony/theme song for this year. If you knew what went on behind the scenes while I attempted to keep it divafied, you would understand my need to celebrate all GOD has done in my life. 

Have a fantabulous day,

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Birthday Wish List

Hello divamoms & divas,

As I approach the 26th birthday celebration (yes, I know I was 26 last year and the year before and the year before that) I thought I would do my annual birthday wish list post.
Here are a few gifts one could never go wrong with if sent or delivered to be on or before the 21st of January:
A MAC gift card
I have a lipstick love affair. Now that I’m growing out my brush cut, I've found that a sizzling lip color and a nice pair of BIG earrings keeps me from looking dull.

A Bath & Body Works gift card
I love the body butters. I layer them over my oil and then put on my perfume fragrance. Moms taught me this and I smell lovely all day long without smelling like a teenage who likes vanilla. My favorite scents are Twilight Woods (the bestest), Brown Sugar & Fig, Sensual Amber and Black Amethyst.

A donation to one of these charities that support the fight against:
Alzheimer - In honor of my grandmother

Breast Cancer - in honor of my Aunt Val, Ruth, my mom who is a survivor and all affected by this disease.

HIV-AIDS - because the world needs a cure!!

An iTunes  giftcard
I am confessing my addiction to music. All genres. All day. Everyday. Even when I am asleep. It’s universal and brings with it something so powerful that it can’t be put into words. I see why the devil wanted to be more than the choir director in heaven. Glad he didn't win (high 5).

Viva La Juicy Peace, Love & Joy or is the original scent I want O_O
My Mother is a perfume lover. So am I. You know what they say like mother, like daughter (is this really the cliché?). My brother will buy her the latest scent every holiday he doesn’t care what the cost. Dear Lord, please let my future boo posses this same trait as my loving brother. #notkidding By the way as I type this I am wearing Jimmy Choo and I am falling in love with myself. Yes divas, I smell delicious!!!!

And my final choice is this
The Michael Kors Bedford Satchel
I need my MK fix. Yes, I already own 2 of his bags but one more won’t hurt. Oh please Mother and Goddie hook me up (I doubt they are even reading my blog but it can’t hurt to try, right?). Heck, I’m even willing to split the cost 3 ways. NOTE: they've already applauded my taste of fine handbags and shoes but politely declined to shell out the money for this MUST HAVE (major sadface).

FYI: I'm really not vain. I probably won't get any of these things and honestly I won't mind because I have a wonderful dinner party planned. I've learned the best gifts don't cost money. I  usually celebrate with the two besties but we won't be getting together for our annual all girls' shing dig until later in the year. Regardless I'm elated to be 9 days out from my born day. 

Air Kisses,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Post of the Year: Pleats, Polka Dots & Color Blocked

Hello divamoms & divas,

I hope the start of 2012 has been everything you’ve anticipated.

I really enjoyed the holidays with KT.  My mom didn’t come to visit this year and that was hard but I resolved to celebrate, relax and read.

That is exactly what I did. I read a novel a day for 4 days. I was poolside. I ate well. Fellowshipped with extended family and good friends. Cooked. Ate. Shopped for KT. He even got a me a gift. How hot are these Jessica Simpsons heels?

I always allow KT to buy me a gift for the holidays. He did really good, yes? I've worn them to church two weekends in a row. Bishop Shipman commented on them. They are certainly a conversation starter. 

I have so much to share with you all. I’ve been spending time in prayer. Mentally preparing for some MAJOR changes to occur in my life. The end of last year I learned a bit more about what I want in a relationship and love. Yeah LOVE. I’m always thinking of the scene in Love Jones when they Isaish Washington (forgive me for not remembering his character’s name) comments about everyone wants to be in love but no one is talking about how to say there. Y’all know I tried to find the clip on YouTube J
What I do know is I’m feeling like the sky is the limit this year if I stay grounded and connected to the Heavenly Father. I'm started aerobics last night night at my church which includes Zumba. I'm enjoying the hair growth journey. My heart is open for new friendships and maybe even a loving relationship.  So stay tuned. 

100 apologies to my fellow bloggers!!! Im trying to catch up on your posts and I plan to. Those of you who know my true blogger etiquette please charge it to anything other than me not caring about connecting online with you.

Air Kisses,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Post of the Year

Hello divamoms & divas,

Our only Christmas photo
 We are looking forward to bringing in the New Year with extended family and friends and eating our traditional meal of black-eyed peas, rice, some meat, cornbread and greens. Do you have a meal your family always serves on New Year’s Day?

Thank you for joining me all year. I look forward to the 2012 journey. 


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