Monday, December 12, 2011

Morning Motivation: Just Say Amen

Good morning divamoms & divas,

I heard this song yesterday as I prepared myself to attend church. What impacted me tremendously is this song spoke the answer to my struggles, cares and concerns.

This post is to remind you that GOD is always working on your behalf and mine. Don't focus on the video but the lyrics. If you know Andre Crouch from back in the day, you know him as a prolific song writer. 

After you listen, let me know how this song encouraged, uplifted and inspired you.

Praying GOD'S richest blessings on you today,

Air Kisses,


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LV said...


Anonymous said...

With my spirit, mind, heart, and mouth, amen.

Ticka said...

Sometimes we just need this kind of food for our soul. Thank you!

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